Requisite Skills and Abilities

Requisite Skills and Abilities for Applicants to Vocational Health
and Social Development Programs

Adapted with permission from the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (2007)

The vulnerability of the people we support demands that vocational health and social development programs prioritize client safety and welfare. Therefore, applicants entering vocational health and social development programs must already possess the following personal characteristics and abilities.

Personal Characteristics
Applicants will be:
open to learning
able to embrace and engage in personal change
emotionally mature and stable
able to understand and manage own feelings
reliable, patient, and adaptable
honest and accountable (this includes disclosing mental and physical health issues that may jeopardize the safety and well-being of others)
able to acknowledge personal limitations
able to seek support and/or personal counselling when needed
willing to understand others and value differences
able to maintain appropriate hygiene, grooming, and professional presentation

Physical Abilities
Applicants will be able to:
exercise effective hand-eye coordination to perform fine motor skills
stand and maintain balance
move within limited spaces and across uneven surfaces
push and pull
perform repetitive movements and maintain static postures
bend, reach, lift, walk, climb, kneel, and carry objects

Sensory Perceptual Skills and Abilities
Applicants must be able to perceive with each of the following senses well enough to safely provide care for others and participate in educational activities.

Applicants must be able to function in the presence of the following commonly encountered and unavoidable environmental factors:
strong odours
infectious diseases
unpredictable behaviour of others

Cognitive Skills and Abilities
Applicants will be able to:
remember and apply previously-learned information to new situations
problem solve, analyze and make decisions
exercise critical inquiry skills to develop professional judgment
apply arithmetic skills (add, subtract, multiply, divide) accurately
summarize and relay pertinent information to others in a timely manner
understand and follow directions
perform a complex series of tasks/steps
utilize self-reflection to modify their own behaviour

Communication Skills & Abilities
Applicants will be able to:
speak and understand spoken English well enough to avoid confusing words and meanings
write and understand written English well enough to avoid confusing words and meanings
write complete sentences and paragraphs
recognize nonverbal signals of self and others
accept feedback in a positive manner
utilize basic computer skills

Behavioural Skills & Abilities
Applicants will be able to:
manage their own behaviour
create and maintain a safe environment
respond appropriately in situations that are stressful, unpredictable, and involve conflict
react appropriately to giving and receiving physical touch
manage time appropriately
practice self-care on a regular basis ensuring adequate rest, exercise, nutrition and stress relief 

Interpersonal Skills & Abilities
Applicants will be able to:
develop and maintain relationships with individuals and groups
set limits and boundaries in relationships
behave in a nonjudgmental manner
display compassion and empathy for others
develop caring relationships with others
enjoy working in a team-based environment

Note: If you have a question or concern about how these requisite skills and abilities may apply to your academic and career success, please contact the Chair of the program.