Pharmacy Technician

Why Choose the Pharmacy Technician Certificate Program?

The Pharmacy Technician Certificate program prepares students to work in retail, hospital and long-term care pharmacies. Students will gain knowledge and skills relevant to the technical and clerical aspects of the pharmacy profession. Pharmacy Technicians are allied healthcare professionals trained in performing administrative, clerical and pharmacy-related tasks under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist. 

Some reasons becoming a Pharmacy Technician may be a rewarding career move:

  • Positive job outlook – growth in the employment of pharmacy technicians is projected.
  • Minimal training requirements – a 20-week full-time program followed by two 4-week practicums (hospital and retail) will allow you to graduate from an accredited program as an assistant. After which you can register with the College of Pharmacists of BC and follow the steps required to become a registered pharmacy technician.
  • Attractive remuneration – pharmacy technicians enjoy attractive compensation in the range of $14 - $26/hr.
  • Flexibility in work schedule – part time employment as well as a variation of shift times are available.
  • Work opportunities – a variety of settings such as hospital, retail and research facilities are available.
  • Clean and pleasant work environments.
  • Potential to grow – technicians can specialize in areas such as the IV medications, compounded medications (e.g. creams, liquids), clinical work, and order entry of physician orders. 

This program has been awarded Provisional Accreditation by the Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs.

Prior Learning Assessments (PLA) are available to students that apply to a particular program and have some training or other non-formal experience in the area of the chosen program. However, the Pharmacy Technician program does not have a Prior Learning Assessment process. Students will be required to complete the entire Okanagan College program in order to graduate. 

Next Program Start: June 15, 2020

Length:  26 weeks plus 2 months for practica 


Applications are being accepted now for the June 2020 intake

Program graduates will have completed the first step to becoming a regulated pharmacy technician. For more information on the regulation process for pharmacy technicians please visit: College of Pharmacists of British Columbia

Questions about program content and courses? Contact:   
Fariba Arjomandi, Pharmacy Technician Chair

Questions about admission requirements? Contact:

Education Advising