Viticulture Survey

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Are you interested in hosting practical training sessions of the Viticulture Technician Diploma? If yes, please see additional questions 6-20.
Are you interested in hosting/training a student(s) for the 16 week Co-Op work session(s)? If yes, we will contact you with further details as they become available.
Are You ... ?
What is the total acreage that you manage?
Vineyard location(s). Check all that apply.
What cultivars do you grow on your property(s)?
Are you using more than one rootstock on your properties?
Do you have more than one type of trellis system on your property?
Do you have soil/vigor maps for your vineyard?
Do you have any vineyard development in progress or starting soon?
Are you practicing any of the following? Please check all that apply.
Can you provide our program with access to vineyard equipment and the training personnel to teach the students to use that equipment? If yes, we will follow up for more details.
Do you use any plant/soil sensors and weather stations in making management decisions?
Are using any specific farming software to manage your operation?