Classes in the new B.C. Wine Information Society - Sensory Centre, Penticton campus

"This fabulous facility really enhances the wine and food education we can receive in the Okanagan. I took the very first class offered and it was excellent in all respects.  The knowledgeable instructor, hands-on experience and sensory learning environment made it one of the best classes I have ever taken." Carla L.

sensory centre eating                            father and daughter sensory centre

"What goes better with our BC wine?  Good local food!  And this is the place where the two come together to make the magic happen.  Seriously, it's been very eye opening. 

 It also provides a much more user friendly, intimate and professional environment for both the instructors and the students, over using a traditional style classroom (with the centre having a full kitchen, bright and smaller class size, and large monitor to see exactly what's happening on the kitchen counter).

 And what I love most is that this venue draws in local experts (e.g. chefs/farmers/winemakers) and the community together.  It lets us know that we can make local choices more often. 

These courses have inspired me to be more resourceful within my own home.  (e.g. replacing my ornamental plants with my own herb garden; replacing my rose gardens with rhubarb, raspberry and strawberry patches; replacing grass areas with a couple of raised garden beds and trying out the tasty shared recipes in my own kitchen).  I really enjoy being a mini urban farmer!  

 I'm eager to see what will be offered next and how it will, again, draw in the community." Laura W.

Laura Widdis