BC Adult High School Graduation

Open up a wider variety of career opportunities by completing high school. If you are not a high school graduate, you may qualify for a British Columbia Adult Graduation Diploma (BCAGD) with a minimum of five qualifying Okanagan College courses.
  • ENG 012
  • an Advanced level mathematics course (for example, MATH 084/085 or IALG 011 or MATH 011)
  • plus three additional 012 level courses or higher or SOST 011 plus two additional 012 level courses or higher

Note: many students need to start with courses at lower levels before being able to take the five qualifying courses. Also note that three of the five qualifying courses must be taken as an adult (19 or older) to qualify for the BCAGD.

Students may be able to combine courses taken in high school with AACP courses to complete graduation requirements. For more detailed information regarding adult graduation, visit the B.C. Government website at 

http://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/topic.page?id=9A33DD439E184672865E4DDF677F4002links to external site

Contact Us

Call or visit the Okanagan College campus nearest you to discuss your specific learning needs with an Educational Advisor.

Natasha Befus, Department Chairperson
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Steve Smith, Kelowna Coordinator
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Kevin Lipsett, Penticton Coordinator
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Simone Palmer, Vernon Coordinator
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 "The class sizes were small, the professors were excellent, they gave lots of personal attention.  Everyone was there because they wanted to learn. I really enjoyed the experience. From there I've gone on to my Bachelor of Business Administration.  Without going back to school and starting my Adult Basic Education, I wouldn't have been able to do this."

                - Matthew Taylor