Fees & Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance to AACP students who demonstrate financial need is available through Adult Upgrading Grant (AUG). AUG provides grants to assist with direct educational costs (tuition, supplies and if applicable transportation and unsubsidized child care) for students enrolled in programs such as:
  • Academic upgrading
  • English Language training
  • Adult Special Education (ASE)

Pick up an application at the Welcome Centre on the Kelowna campus or the Campus Administration Offices on all campuses. For more information, go to the Adult Upgrading Grant.

Upgrading at Okanagan College benefits adult students

"I needed Adult Basic Education to help me reach my career goals ... After I finished ABE, I went on to Applied Business Technology. ABE gave me confidence, a new set of friends, and the skills to go on." - Glen Dahl

Student Financial Awards

In addition, there are many awards, scholarships and bursaries available for new and returning students. Contact the Financial Awards office for more information.

Other Sources

Financial assistance may be available to students from a variety of other sources, including Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, the Ministry of Employment and Income Assistance, and local bands for Aboriginal students.

Textbooks & Supplies

Literacy Skills Program & Fundamental Level ABE

All required textbooks are supplied free of charge for all students in the Literacy and Fundamental Level Programs.

Intermediate, Advanced, and Provincial Programs

For many classes in the Intermediate, Advanced, and Provincial Programs, textbooks can be borrowed. In some classes, students are required to purchase books and course packages. Second-hand copies are often available.

School Supplies

Students may be required to purchase incidental school supplies (paper, pens, binders, computer discs) as well as scientific calculators for mathematics and science courses.