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EL Certificates

EL Certificates

Suzie Kiss Students

EL (English Language) Certificate 


Required Courses
1 ELLS 010, ELRW 010                       
2 ELLS 020, ELR 020, ELW 020                       
3  ELLS 030, ELR 030, ELW 030

EAP (English for Academic Purposes) Certificate


Required Courses Academic Options that can be taken during EAP Program
1 EAPD 010, EAPR 010, EAPW 010 None
2 EAPD 020, EAPR 020, EAPW 020 None
3 EAPD 030, EAPR 030, EAPW 030 1 Academic course provided students meet course prerequisites
4 EAPD 040, EAPR 040, EAPW 040                     Up to 2 Academic courses provided students meet course prerequisites
At EAP Level 3 and 4 students may enroll in Degree and Diploma (Academic) courses. If a student has mixed levels, the dominant level will determine the student's level. The addition of academic courses must be approved by the academic course instructor and appropriate academic Dean.


  • International students on a study visa are required to take three courses.  Permanent residents and Canadians students can take one, two, or three courses. 
  • Successful completion of level 4 Discussion, Reading and Writing with a minimum of 60% in each meets the English language admission requirement to all Okanagan College programs and to UBC Okanagan
  • Students who require English Language will be allowed to register in a limited number of arts and science, business, applied science, or Grade 11 and 12 courses (subject to English Language placement level), meeting individual course prerequisites and availability of course space.
  • Students must be registered in Discussion, Reading and Writing at Level 3 or 4 above if they wish to take academic classes
  • May/July Sessions: Academic courses are normally not available for new students
Provincial Policy Update - August 8, 2017 - EL for Canadian students

A provincial policy announced August 8, 2017 has eliminated tuition for domestic students for Adult Basic Education and English Language programs beginning Sept. 1, 2017. While there is no tuition charged for Adult Basic Education courses for domestic students, there may be financial help available through the provincial government's Adult Upgrading Grant (AUG). Learn more here.

Click the following link for full course descriptions of

English Language and English for Academic Purposes