Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology is a fascinating, ever growing language used throughout the medical community.  Knowledge of medical terminology equips a student for many medically related fields such as pharmacology, the medical office and numerous hospital and health community positions.  The Systems Approach outline used in this distance education course will introduce students to the concept of building language using root words, prefixes and suffixes.  The human body systems’ anatomy, physiology and related pathology will be covered and, upon completion, students will have a basic understanding of these disciplines.  Anyone interested in health services would greatly benefit from this interesting and insightful course. 


- B.C. secondary school graduation, or equivalent, or 19 years of age and out of secondary school for at least one 
year as of the first day of classes.
- A minimum grade of 60% in one of English 12, English 12 First Peoples, Technical and Professional 
Communications (TPC) 12 or an equivalent Provincial Level ABE English course or a minimum score of 24/40 
(Level four) on the Language Proficiency Index (LPI) test. Note: Communications 12 is not acceptable.

If you wish to take this as a stand-alone course and not part of a certificate program, please complete this form to apply.

Completion time: 6 months


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