ArtsX Program Requirements

ArtsX is a unique module of the Associate of Arts Degree. Students registered in the ArtsX program complete the requirements of the Associate of Arts Degree as specified here:

Upon completion of these credits, ArtsX students graduate with an Associate of Arts Degree. This credential allows students to transfer the full 60 credits (20 courses) of work done at OC to any university in BC.

ArtsX is distinct from the regular Associate of Arts degree in the following ways:

  • Collaborative teaching and learning: ArtsX is limited to a cohort of 30 students. These students are registered in four (4) courses per semester which are open only to ArtsX students. Students and faculty in the ArtsX cohort work together to find meaningful connections between courses, often by way of shared assignments and class activities.
  • Multidisciplinary courses: varying annually, ArtsX courses are chosen to reflect the diverse array of disciplines available for study in Arts. Students take four (4) courses per semester in the cohort, which leaves one (1) course per semester open as an elective for students to choose themselves.
  • Alternative grading: ArtsX students receive final grades in their courses, but in-semester assessment is provided via progressive methods such as one-on-one and narrative feedback. In addition, students participate in determining assessment criteria for particular assignments.
  • Self-directed learning: ArtsX students are required to actively engage in directing their own education. Some of the ways they do this is through participation in the design and direction of courses, by engaging in self-assessment, and by organizing events/activities.
  • Theme-based learning: the ArtsX cohort determines a “theme” for each semester. The chosen theme—say “Tradition” or “Beauty” or “Failure” or “Terror”—shapes the content of the courses in that semester. This is a defining component of ArtsX and is meant to both inform and transform the courses students take in the program.
  • Beyond-the-classroom learning: as much as possible, ArtsX faculty seek off-campus opportunities for learning as well as ways in which scheduled class hours can be used flexibly in response to students’ learning needs. For example, the cohort may spend a day at the beach observing plants and rock formations, critiquing the construction of gender, and understanding the use of public space. The day may culminate in a poetry reading organized and hosted by students.
For more detailed explanation of how ArtsX works, please refer to our FAQs.