The Arts Experience

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Okay, well, alright, have you ever marveled at the way the streetlight puts a wobbly keyhole on the top of the black pond or have you ever felt that gut-truth when Patti Smith sings “People say ‘beware!’ / but I don’t care” or have you ever stood before a [insert name of favourite artist here] painting and understood a different kind of silence or have you ever read a sentence like “The sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new” and experienced a true-fact-joyousness or have you ever been in a classroom and thought “these windows are taunts: life is elsewhere”? Have you? Rad. Us, too—welcome.

The Arts Experience Program (ArtsX) is a new way for students to take the Associate of Arts Degree at Okanagan College. Limited to a cohort of 30 students, ArtsX allows students to complete the Associate of Arts Degree in the standard two-year period, but it does so in entirely non-standard/dynamic/alternative/progressive/innovative ways: collaborative teaching and learning; multidisciplinary courses; alternative grading; and self-directed, theme-based, beyond-the-classroom inquiries.

ArtsX is dedicated to ensuring that scholarship/study is revealed as a creative and ever-changing way of being in the world. ArtsX takes its inspiration from a number of progressive institutions (Black Mountain College, Quest University, Brown University, Stanford University, Naropa University, Evergreen College, En’owkin Centre) that see no contradiction in an education of collaborations and self-directedness; of restless investigations and patient reflections; of substantive discoveries and even of substantive failures. With respect to this last point, if ArtsX takes its conceptual lead from the above-mentioned institutions, then it acquires its blood from the many artists and intellectuals and community members throughout history—and indeed in our current moment—who have understood the “try” as the true spirit of education.

ArtsX has the deepest respect, and indeed is entirely built, for those who are courageous enough to make an attempt, to experiment, and to risk.

Interested in becoming a part of ArtsX? Provide your contact information here. We’ll be in touch to set up a meeting with you soon!