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Voices Rising examines Asian Canadian political and cultural activism in the late   twentieth century around such issues as community building, identity making, racial   equity, and social justice. Informed by a postcolonial cultural critique, Xiaoping Li   draws on historical sources and compelling personal testimonies to show how   culture acts as a means of engagement with the political and social world. 

 As an interdisciplinary inquiry addressing topical issues of “race,” ethnicity, identity,   and transculturalism, Voices Rising will be welcomed by scholars, researchers, and   students in Canadian studies, cultural studies, ethnic histories, postcolonial theory, globalization studies, diaspora theory, and transcultural analysis. The general reader interested in Canadian identity and cultural history will also find this book accessible and useful.

Xiaoping Li is an independent researcher and professor in the Department of Sociology and Women’s Studies at Okanagan College, British Columbia.

“An immensely important book. As the first in-depth analysis of Asian Canadian artistic and cultural life, Voices Rising will be referred to in years to come as a definitive work. It is not only full of interesting characters, but contains a succinct historical narrative that explains the genesis of the Asian Canadian social and creative movements, and shows how they have responded to the Canadian nation and a global world.” – Anthony Chan, author of Perpetually Cool: The Many Lives of Anna May Wong, 1905-1961

Voices Rising is an outstanding contribution to Asian Canadian cultural scholarship, combining illuminating historical analysis with extensive interviews across several generations. The interviews alone are a fascinating record of the cultural apprenticeship and personal life stories of important activists and artists. This book is essential reading for scholars, teachers, and students in the areas of Canadian literature, history, cultural studies, critical race theory, and Asian North American studies, and it is an excellent text for courses in the expanding field of Asian Canadian writing and culture.” – Glenn Deer, Associate Editor of Canadian Literature

Capitalism-and-Confrontation-Red-Quill-Books-Final Capitalism and Confrontation offers current, original analyses of the crisis in its financial, ecological, and political dimensions and the ways people are fighting back.The contributors, from a variety of scholarly, political, and activist perspectives, challenge the dominant narratives of the crisis and its history. As financiers and politicians today insist on greater austerity, the case studies collected in this anthology provide a glimpse of the confrontation and resistance that is indeed occurring throughout the globe.

Priscillia Lefebvre
is a professor in the Department of Sociology at Okanagan College, British Columbia.

"…intelligent, reasonable and radical…inviting us to rethink left strategy and public policy." - Barbara Epstein, University of California (Santa Cruz) and author of Political Protest and Cultural Revolution and The Minsk Ghetto 1941-1943 

“…forcefully insisting that re-creating a new socialist movement is indispensable to alternate exits from the crisis. A valuable guide to researchers and activists alike.” - Greg Albo, York University (Toronto) and co-author of In and Out of Crisis. 

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