Programs & Courses


Our courses can be counted toward the Associate of Arts Degree. Students with an Associate of Arts Degree if admitted to BC universities are guaranteed full transfer credit (60 credits) for the work done for their Associate Degree.

For fully updated information on university transfer credit and the transferability of our courses to universities throughout British Columbia, please visit the BC Council on Admissions and Transfers website.

Our courses also feature in the following Diploma Programs:

- Diploma in Criminal and Social Justice (CSJ)

- Diploma in Communications, Culture, and Journalism Studies (CCJS)

- Diploma in Environmental Studies (Interdisciplinary Environmental Arts Option)

Check the Okanagan College
Calendar for more information and course descriptions.

Our listed courses are:

SOCI 111: Introduction to Sociology I

SOCI 121: Introduction to Sociology II

SOCI 202: Introduction to Social Problems

SOCI 203: Canadian Social Issues

SOCI 204: Women, Crime and Justice

SOCI 205: Childhood and Society

SOCI 210: Foundations of Sociological Thought

SOCI 211: Canadian Society I

SOCI 212: Race and Ethnic Relations I

SOCI 213: Sex, Gender and Society I

SOCI 216: Media and Society

SOCI 217: Consumer Society

SOCI 218: Introduction to Research Methods

SOCI 219: Sociology and Religion

SOCI 221: Canadian Society II

SOCI 222: Race and Ethnic Relations II

SOCI 223: Sex, Gender and Society II

SOCI 224: Men and Masculinities

SOCI 225: Adolescence and Society

SOCI 226: Work, Technology and Social Change

SOCI 250: Crime and Society

SOCI 260: Youth, Crime and Deviance

SOCI 269: Studies in Sexualities

SOCI 270: Deviance and Social Control

SOCI 271: Statistical Analysis in Sociology I

SOCI 295: Current Topics in Sociology

SOCI 303: Environmental Sociology

SOCI 304: Globalization Social Change