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What kinds of employment opportunities are there for Sociology students? Well, you have asked the right discipline, for how labour markets work and what kinds of jobs people get is just one of the many topics that sociologists study. Sociology majors acquire a solid foundation in both quantitative and qualitative research as well as critical thinking skills, all of which are highly valued by employers. Here are just a few of the opportunities:

Market research: Research firms such as Ispos Reid and Gallup employ researchers that are able to analyze survey and other interview data. Sociology, particularly courses in statistics and survey analysis, prepare students for such a career. This kind of research is also conducted by government agencies such as Statistics Canada and Health Canada.

: Sociology provides a good background for teachers. It gives future teachers the tools to understand the dynamics of how education relates to other institutions and how the education system socializes young citizens. Sociology is also becoming increasingly popular subject in high schools.

Criminal Justice:
Okanagan College offers a diploma in Criminology and Social Justice that includes many sociology courses, for sociology provides instruction on such issues as deviance and social control, criminology and racism in the justice system. Sociology is also a good background for those wishing to pursue a career in law.

: Many of government workers have a social science background. Policy analysis, research, and the administration of hundreds of programs are just a few of the countless possibilities for students graduating with a sociology degree.

Non-governmental organizations
: Environmental groups, think tanks, women's and anti-poverty groups hire sociologists to conduct research. With its focus on race, class, gender, and inequality more generally, workers with this background are well prepared to tackle all kinds of social issues. Business: Sociologists often study business and markets and this knowledge is valued by the business community.