Careers in Psychology

Psychology careers with advanced degrees:

Psychologists who practice as psychotherapists, clinicians, or counselors, or who teach and do primary research at universities or colleges, must necessarily have advanced degrees. These degrees are the Masters of Arts, or Master of Science (MA, or MSc), and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), earned in the graduate school division of universities. While entrance to graduate school is highly competitive, an Associate of Arts Degree, earned at Okanagan College, can be your first, and most important step, to such exciting and rewarding careers.

Psychology careers with a degree major in psychology:

Many students who graduate with an undergraduate degree in psychology find equally stimulating employment – without an advanced graduate degree – in such wide-ranging career opportunities as: mental health worker, community relations officer, human resources advisor, employment counselor, behaviour therapist, residential care worker, home support worker, research assistant, laboratory assistant, volunteer manager, fundraiser, political action support staff, student advisor, and so much more.

Whatever career decision you make, the Department of Psychology at Okanagan College is your place to begin!