Why Study History?

Students of history are exposed to a wide range of human experience and develop skills which are essential to many professions.

Studying history improves our understanding of human behavior, causality, change over time, and complex social, political, and economic processes. History reveals the active role of individuals and groups in shaping our cultures and nations, and illuminates the origins of our collective practices, ideals and disagreements. Yet historical writing is not solely analytical. Well-written history is an art form, which appeals to our aesthetic sensibilities, informs our identities, and sharpens our moral principles.

In the process of studying and writing about the past, history students acquire skills which are valuable in the professions. Students learn to conduct research; assess the reliability and significance of evidence; analyze and organize information; craft compelling and imaginative arguments; and write effective, persuasive prose. These skills have led many history students into careers in law, journalism, information management, business, government, and the military.