Chris Clarkson

Dr. Chris Clarkson

Professor, Department of History


Office: Salmon Arm Campus, SA 109
Telephone: 250-832-2126, ext. 8248

Dr. Chris Clarkson

University Degrees

B.A. (distinction), University of Victoria
M.A., University of Victoria
Ph.D., University of Ottawa

  • History of Canada
  • History of British Columbia
  • Aboriginal-Settler Relations in Canada
  • History of the United States
  • History of Modern China
  • History of Modern Japan

Fields of interest 

  • Legal History
  • Social History
  • First Nations

Current research / scholarly activity

  • Rehabilitation programs and prisoners' experiences in the Canadian federal penal system


“Liberalism, Nation Building, and Family Regulation: the State and the use of Family Property Law on Vancouver Island and in the United Colony / Province of British Columbia.” M.A. thesis, University of Victoria, 1996. 

“Remoralizing Families? Family Regulation and State Formation in British Columbia, 1862-1940.” Ph.D. thesis, University of Ottawa, 2002.


“Property Law and Family Regulation in Pacific British North America, 1862-1873.” Histoire sociale / Social History 30, no. 60 (1997): 386-416. Read the Article

Domestic Reforms: Political Visions and Family Regulation in British Columbia, 1862-1940. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 2007. Book Details at UBC Press