Stephanie Bunclark



PhD (ABD) , Geography - University of New South Wales
Master’s of Applied Science in Natural Resource Management - Tropical Environmental Studies and Geography - James Cook University (2000)
BSc - Geography- McGill University (1997)

Current Research

My PhD is about the role of women in the subsistence and artisanal fisheries of the Republic of Vanuatu. I have always been interested in the relationships between people and natural resources; my research is focusing on this subject from the perspectives of postcolonial theory, development theory and gender studies.

Past Research

I was a field researcher for CUSO and worked for Vanuatu’s National Library and Cultural Centre. I created GIS geographical database for the Vanuatu Cultural Centre, and conducted fisheries participation research for CUSO.

I created a GIS database for a Development Index project regarding potential placements of retirement communities for the Redland Shire, Queensland, Australia

My master’s thesis research concerned the impact of scuba diving on the ecology of the Great Barrier Reef

Courses Taught:

Okanagan College

Introduction to Human Geography I (GEOG 117)
Introduction to Human Geography II (GEOG 127)
Introduction to Physical Geography I (GEOG 111)
Human Geography: Space, Place and Community (GEOG 128)
Human Geography: Resources, Development and Society (GEOG 129)
Introduction to Environmental Issues (GEOG 210)
Regional Geography of British Columbia (GEOG 217)
Social and Cultural Geography (GEOG 211)
The Canadian Landscape (GEOG 224)
Regional Geography of Melanesia (GEOG 225)
Introduction to Urban Geography (GEOG 250)
Environmental Management (GEOG 311)
Environmental Science (EESC 101)
Introduction to Forest Science and Management (EESC 213)

University of New South Wales

Australian and Global Geographies
Australian Urban Environments

University of California, Davis

Geography World Regions
People, Place and Community
Site Ecology

James Cook University

Introduction to GIS


Stephanie Bunclark
Professor, Geography & Earth and Environmental Science
Okanagan College
7000 College Way
Vernon, BC, V1B 2N5
Phone: 250 – 762-5445 ext 2233

Please note that I will be on leave for the 2012/2013 academic year.  I will only be checking my email periodically during this time.