Dr. Weisheng Zang


PhD in Geology - University of Western Ontario
MSc in Geology - China University of Geosciences
BSc in Geology - Jilin University

Professional Experience
Before I took this teaching job in 2009, I had worked for mining and energy industry for fifteen years. The projects included precious metal and base metal exploration, resource modelling, mine development, and oilfield development drilling. My PhD research focus was on gold mineral deposits, including the deposit formation model and its weathering enrichment processes.

Teaching Interests
I enjoy teaching earth science. I am always amazed at how remarkable and interconnected the Earth’s systems are. To teach earth science is to impress upon the students how remarkable the world is around us, and to help them make the mental connection between our course materials and the real world. In my teaching I try to incorporate my research and mining experience into my lectures to give students the ideas how we solve problems in industry.

Courses Taught
EESC 111 – Physical Geology
EESC 121 - Natural History of the Earth
GEOG 121- Physical geography II

Selected Publications
Zang, W., Chen, Y. & Fyfe, W.S., 2004. Geochemistry and mineralogy of the laterite profiles at the Igarape Bahia lateritic gold deposit Carajas, Brazil. In Mineralogy and Geochemistry: Resources, Environment and Life (Li et al., eds.), pp. 213-223.

Zang, W., Fyfe, W.S. & Chen, Y., 2001. The lateritic gold deposits: an overview. Geosciences 15: 143-150.

Zang, W., Fyfe, W.S. & Chen, Y., 1996. The significance of manganese oxides in the laterite profile at the Igarape Bahia gold deposit, Carajas, Brazil. Proceedings of the 30th International Geological Congress, Vol. 16: 85-95.

Zang, W. & Fyfe, W.S., 1995. Chloritization of hydrothermally altered bedrock at the Igarape Bahia gold deposit, Carajas, Brazil. Mineralium Deposita 30: 30-38.

Zang, W & Fyfe, W.S., 1993. A three-stage genetic model for the Igarape Bahia lateritic gold deposit, Carajas, Brazil. Economic Geology 88: 1768-1779.

Dr. Weisheng Zang
Geography & Earth and Environmental Science
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