Dr. Markus Heinrichs


Dipl. T. (Chem)-NAIT
BSc (Biol, Engl)- Simon Fraser University
MSc. (Biol)- Simon Fraser University. Thesis: Chironomid-based paleosalinity reconstruction of three lakes in the south-central interior of British Columbia, Canada
PDP, PBD (Educ)- Simon Fraser University
PhD (Biol)- University of Victoria. Thesis: A late-quaternary paleoecological analysis in the Engelmann Spruce-Subalpine Fir biogeoclimatic zone of the Okanagan/Ashnola region, British Columbia, Canada

Professional Experience:

Senior Scientist: Climate Impacts Research Centre, Abisko, Sweden

Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, Munich, Germany

Selected Publications:

Heinrichs, M.L., L. Barnekow, and S. Rosenberg, 2006. A comparison of chironomid biostratigraphy from Lake Vuolep Njakajaure with vegetation, lake-level, and climate changes in Abisko National Park, Sweden. Journal of Paleolimnology 36: 119-131.

Bigler, C., Barnekow, L., Heinrichs, M.L., and Hall, R.I., 2006. Holocene environmental history at Vuolep Njakajaure (Abisko National Park, northern Sweden) using biological proxy indicators. Vegetation History and Archeobotany 15:309-320.

Heinrichs, M.L. and I.R. Walker, 2006. Fossil midges and palaeosalinity: potential as indicators of hydrological balance and sea level change. Quaternary Science Reviews 25: 1948-1965.

Heinrichs, M.L., B. Cumming, K. Laird, and S. Hart, 2005. Diatom- and chironomid-inferred eutrophication of Bouchie Lake, British Columbia. Water Quality Research Journal of Canada 40: 418-430.

Heinrichs, M.L., S. Peglar C. Bigler, and H.J.B. Birks, 2005. A multi-proxy palaeoecological study of Alanen Laanijärvi, a boreal-forest lake in Swedish Lapland. Boreas 34: 192-206.

Heinrichs, M.L., M.G. Evans, R.J. Hebda, I.R. Walker, S.L. Palmer, and S.M. Rosenberg, 2004. Holocene climatic change and landscape response at Lake of the Woods, British Columbia, Canada. Géographie physique et Quaternaire 58: 123-139.

Palmer, S.L., I.R. Walker, M.L. Heinrichs, R.J. Hebda, and G.G.E Scudder, 2002. Postglacial midge community change and Holocene palaeotemperature reconstructions near treeline, southern British Columbia (Canada). Journal of Paleolimnology 28: 469-490.

Heinrichs, M.L., R.J. Hebda, I.R. Walker and S.L. Palmer, 2002. Postglacial paleoecology and inferred paleoclimate in the Engelmann Spruce - Subalpine Fir forest of south-central British Columbia, Canada. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 184:347-369.

Heinrichs, M.L., J.A. Antos, R.J. Hebda, and G.B. Allen, 2002. Abies lasiocarpa (Hook.) Nutt. in the Late-glacial and early-Holocene Vegetation of British Columbia, Canada and Adjacent Regions in Washington, U.S.A. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 120: 107-122.

Heinrichs, M.L., R.J. Hebda, and I.R. Walker, 2001. Holocene vegetation and natural disturbance in the ESSF biogeoclimatic zone at Mt. Kobau, British Columbia. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 31: 2183-2199.

Heinrichs, M.L., I.R. Walker, and R.W. Mathewes, 2001. Chironomid-based paleosalinity records in southern British Columbia, Canada: A comparison of transfer functions. Journal of Paleolimnology 26: 147-159.

Heinrichs, M.L., I.R. Walker, R.W. Mathewes, and R.J. Hebda, 1999. Holocene paleovegetation and chironomid reconstruction of Kilpoola Lake, British Columbia, Canada. Géographie physique et Quaternaire 53: 211- 221.

Heinrichs, M.L., S.E. Wilson, I.R. Walker, J.P. Smol, R.W. Mathewes, and K.J. Hall, 1997. Midge- and diatom-based palaeosalinity reconstructions for Mahoney Lake, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada. International Journal of Salt Lake Research 6: 249- 267.

Contact Information:

Professor, Geography & Earth and Environmental Science
Okanagan College
7000 College Way
Vernon, BC, V1B 2N5

Email: mheinrichs@okanagan.bc.ca