Barbara Ramovs


MScF, University of New Brunswick, Forest Ecology
BSc, University of Victoria, Environmental Studies


I have always had an interest and a love for the environment. I grew up in Radium Hot Springs in the Rocky Mountains where my yard backed on to a national park. My education and research experiences have revolved around the environment. Canada is a large country with a varied environment. I have enjoyed many of these environments through living in different parts of the country.

Teaching interests

My teaching interests span geography and biology and I am comfortable teaching courses as varied as introductory geography to animal physiology. I have taught introductory, intermediate and senior-level-courses, including physical geography, biogeography, forest ecology, introductory biology, and human biology. Previously, I have taught at UBCO, Vanier College and McGill University in Quebec. I enjoy lecturing in a classroom setting but also teaching practical skills in laboratory and the field.

Research Interests

Environmental science and studies, forest ecology, forest management, riparian zones, herbaceous plants, biodiversity

I have conducted scientific research and published peer-reviewed articles on forest ecology and biodiversity. My research on the effects of plantation forestry on understory plant communities was published in the journals Ecological Applications and Canadian Journal of Forest Research. This research provided insight into how forest plantations modify habitat conditions and, in turn, affect herbaceous plant communities. Understanding these dynamics is particularly important in light of trends towards increased plantation establishment.

Selected Publications

Ramovs, B.V. and Roberts, M.R. 2005. Response of plant functional groups within plantations and naturally regenerated forests, New Brunswick, Canada. Canadian Journal of Forest Research.

Ramovs, B.V. and Roberts, M.R. 2003. Understory vegetation and environment responses to tillage, forest harvesting, and conifer plantation development. Ecological Applications, 13(6): 1682-1700.

Unpublished Reports

Ramovs, B.V. and Roberts, M.R. 2000. Contributions of plantations (and other managed stands) to the biodiversity objectives: stand structure and herbaceous layer components. Fundy Model Forest Final Report, March 31.

Conference Presentations

Ramovs, B.V. and Roberts, M.R. 2000. Understory plant communities of naturally and artificially regenerated forests, southern New Brunswick, Canada. Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting. Snowbird, Utah, August 5-11.

Ramovs, B.V. and Roberts, M.R. 1998. Understory species composition and stand structure of older plantations in southern New Brunswick. Fundy Model Forest Biodiversity Workshop. Gananoque, ON, October.

Book Reviews

Ramovs, B.V. 2005. Book Review: the herbaceous layer in forests of eastern North America, F.S. Gilliam and M.R. Roberts (eds.). Canadian Botanical Association Bulletin, 38(3): 38-39.

Ramovs, B.V. 2005. Book Review: the herbaceous layer in forests of eastern North America, F.S. Gilliam and M.R. Roberts (eds.). The Blazing Star, Newsletter of the North American Native Plant Society, 6(2): 8.


Barbara Ramovs
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