Environmental Programming Student Survey - 2008

Did you know 300 new jobs go up on the ECO Canada website every month?

Did you know 14,000 more jobs in the environmental sector will be created over the next three years? (Environment Canada, 2007)

To train graduates who will fill these jobs Okanagan College is currently developing environmental studies and management programming.

This survey is meant to determine student interest in environmental programming at Okanagan College.

The programs will be inclusive and interdisciplinary, including both arts and science training. Also, the views of First Nations will be included in the programs as well as training on how First Nations manage their lands. The programs will be based on practical knowledge about the environment and how to work in the environmental sector.

Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey.

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What is your educational status?
1. I am interested in environmental issues
2. I would like to pursue more education in environmental studies
3. I would like to pursue a career in the environmental sector
4. I am interested in pursuing studies in (may check more than one category):
Environmental Arts (sociology and the environment, culture and the environment, human geography, environmental ethics, anthropology, environmental economics)
Environmental Management (water resource management, forestry resource management, habitat management, sustainable development, First Nation’s land management)
Environmental Conservation and Protection (Species at risk, land assessment, education, research, policy and sustainable development)
Environmental Science (environmental monitoring, water quality, environmental chemistry, environmental assessment, ecology, environmental geosciences, environmental field research, hydrology)
5. I am interested in (you may check more than one):
Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Management Four-year program including programming in Environmental management, policy, resources and conservation
Bachelor’s Degree in (Interdisciplinary) Environmental Studies Four-year program including programming in arts and sciences including environmental politics, development, globalization, justice, philosophy
Diploma in Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies Two-year diploma, including university transfer core courses from both the Arts and Sciences
Certificate in Conservation Technology One-year technician certificate including courses in: conservation biology, conservation of wetlands, grasslands, forests and field techniques
Diploma in Conservation Technology Two-year technician diploma including courses in: remote sensing methods, plant biology, earth sciences, GIS, conservation and data analysis

Thank you for your time.