Graduates in Geography and Earth & Environmental Science get jobs. They work in a number of fields including natural resource management, land planning, research, and teaching. Our department teaches students skills that are needed in the workforce and to succeed in university settings.

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Former Students in the Field:


I graduated from the Environmental Management Program at Okanagan College in May, 2012.

I am currently working for Imperial Metals as the Environmental Coordinator at Red Chris Mine. My responsibilities include environmental site coverage, data management, reclamation and report writing. I also perform a wide variety of field work, including water quality and hydrological sampling, weather station downloads, and environmental construction monitoring.

One of the benefits to this job is that I frequently work outside. Since it is a very large, remote site, much of our water quality sampling is done by helicopter, hiking or snowshoeing. We are also currently working on various wildlife studies, including mountain goat monitoring.

This job has given me an opportunity to use many of the skills that I learned in the Environmental Management Program. One of the projects I am currently working on is developing a procedure for working in and around water courses, which includes making a map of all of the environmentally sensitive areas around the site. My knowledge in GIS as well as biology/ecology, have helped me to develop this project.  I have also been able to use my knowledge in geographical data analysis to improve our water quality monitoring program.

The courses included in the Environmental Management Program at Okanagan College have given me an excellent basis for my position as an environmental coordinator/technologist.

Heather Hawkins, Environmental Coordinator, Red Chris Development Company (


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