Creative Writing


Creative Writing at Okanagan College

Creative Writing at Okanagan College (CW@OC) respects that wonder moves sideways. In this way we are guided by the insight of writer John Lent—one of the originators of our creative writing program here at OC—who often refers to an idea of lateralness as the ideal way of thinking for the literary artist.

We understand that a house-style, like house-dressing, gets bleh after a while and so we are wary of the standard must-follow recipes. We respect your inspired oomph and therefore offer diverse creative writing courses and innovative teaching methods.

CW@OC also provides guidance in engaging with the history of writing and with varied theories of writing—all from a craft-focused perspective. We offer workshops and seminars and one-on-one manuscript consultations to help foster the practice of your own writing.

Being a smaller program, too, we pride ourselves on having meaningful and deep time to spend with our creative writing students. We believe in the process of working—and, well, we believe in the work of process… that is, we know that we can help you to strengthen or to develop your trust in the action (not just the results) of writing.

We therefore respect that the making of a poem or a story or a novel or a screenplay or a memoir or a video-game script or a stage drama is a wondrous and humbling process; and so we respect the manifold beauty as well as the serious challenges of being a writer.

Our award-winning, wonder-hungry (!) faculty is comprised of poets and novelists and short story writers and playwrights and script-writers and memoirists. And all of us want to welcome you—all of your wonder at and hunger for writing—to all of this beauty and to all of these serious demands.

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