Why Study English at Okanagan College?

There is always something going on in the English Department. We are home to Kalamalka Press, Ryga: A Journal of Provocations, the Red Dot Players, the 3-Hour Short Story Contest, and much more!

Faculty in English at Okanagan College are interested in language and literature, and in the way words work in our lives and communities. A diverse group of scholars, writers, editors, and designers, OC faculty encourage students to read critically and write creatively, and to engage with the way language shapes our view of the world and our place in it.

The Okanagan area is home to many talented writers and poets, both established and aspiring. Enjoy the inspiring literary environment at the college and in the community. Join our friendly, supportive, and active community of learners. Learn and grow as you benefit from Okanagan College’s small class sizes, affordable tuition, and dedicated faculty.

Take advantage of our wide variety of education options.

  • Graduate with one of our two-year credentials:
  • Begin your university studies with us. Our English courses are fully transferable to universities throughout British Columbia and beyond. 
  • Choose from over 70 English courses and a growing number of Fine Arts courses.
  • Study where you live. Classes are available on all Okanagan College campuses.

Diploma in Writing and Publishing

Obtain a well-rounded education through applied training in print and web-based publishing, production and design, accounting, marketing, and management, as well as in creative, cultural, and professional communications. Gain a solid grounding in four areas:

  • Creative and literary writing
  • Publishing
  • Communications
  • Business

A portfolio system ensures that students are able to demonstrate to prospective employers how lessons learned in the classroom contribute to the broad skill set of a qualified professional.

Careers for Writing and Publishing graduates are found in book, magazine, and internet publishing, professional writing, journalism, creative writing, marketing, media and graphic design.

Graduates who want to further their education can transfer to degree opportunities at universities throughout BC. Consult with an Okanagan College Education Advisor regarding suitable course selection. View the BC Transfer Guide for individual course transfer equivalencies.

Fine Arts

An emerging field of study at the College, our innovative Fine Arts courses currently focus on art history, typography, and book design.  Students studying book design work with both traditional letterpress techniques and the most up-to-date digital technology.

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Associate of Arts

The Associate Degree of Arts allows students to complete the first two years of a four-year Bachelor of Arts degree in small, dynamic classes, for affordable tuition. Students can choose a discipline emphasis for the Associate Degree of Arts in Communications; Crosscultural Studies; Economics; English; Environmental Studies; History; Modern Languages (French, German, Spanish); Philosophy; Philosophy, Politics & Economics; Political Science; Psychology; Sociology; or, Women’s Studies. The emphases are often designed to lead students on to a major in the discipline after they’ve transferred to university. Some departments have even developed flexible pre-majors which will help you choose the courses you need to take to transfer directly to the 3rd year at university. Students can complete two years—60 credits—of study at Okanagan College and transfer these credits fully to any BC university or beyond. When you complete your BA, you will receive your degree credential from the university you’ve transferred to. Students can also choose to stay at the college and enter directly into the 3rd year of our Bachelor of Business Administration Degree. For more information on Associate Degrees and flexible pre-majors, visit the OC calendar description. To learn more about the BC transfer system, visit the BC Council on Admissions and Transfer website.

Associate Degree of Arts:

English Emphasis

As a means of satisfying all of the requirements outlined above for an Associate Degree of Arts, students must complete specific English courses and satisfy a breadth requirement in 200-level Arts courses. Students who earn an English emphasis in the Associate of Arts are deemed to have completed the provincial English Flexible Pre-Major, which enables students to be admitted into the third year of an English major at universities across the province (subject to a competitive GPA). In addition to the Associate Degree of Arts requirements, students must complete:

  • 18 credits of ENGL from first and second year, 9 of which must be from second year.

    This includes:
  • At least one of our survey courses:
    ENGL 211 Survey of English Literature I
    ENGL 221 Survey of English Literature II
    ENGL 233 Studies in American Literature

  • At least two other second-year literature courses:
    ENGL 210 Women in Literature
    ENGL 212 Studies in Children's Literature
    ENGL 213 Studies in British Literature
    ENGL 215 Studies in Reading Film
    ENGL 222 Studies in International Literature in English
    ENGL 223 Studies in Canadian Literature
    ENGL 225 Studies in Drama
    ENGL 231 Studies in Popular Narrative
    ENGL 233 Studies in American Literature
    ENGL 236 Studies in Indigenous Literature in Canada
    ENGL 237 Studies in Nature Writing

    In addition to the categories above, students can also earn credits towards the English emphasis/Flexible Pre-Major in English by completing:
  • Up to one of our composition courses:
    ENGL 100 University Writing
    ENGL 199 Arts Studies in English
    ENGL 203 Studies in Composition
  • Up to one of our creative writing courses (others can be completed as electives):
    ENGL 116 Introduction to Creative Writing I

Please note: Not all courses are available on all campuses every year. Check with the department chair to confirm the availability of courses. Students intending to pursue an English major at UBC should complete ENGL 211 and 221 to demonstrate historical coverage.