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The department currently offers courses in two streams: Communications & Media Studies and Professional Communications. 

We offer an Advanced Certificate in Communications for students who have completed 60 credits of post-secondary study. See the current College Calendar for more information.

Communications, Cultural Studies, and Media/Journalism Studies

Our Arts courses focus on media analysis and advanced communications skills and offer students the opportunity to critically examine cultural messages in everyday life. The Department is committed to helping students develop competency in media literacy and to allowing students to link course material to their lived experience.

These courses can be counted toward the Associate Degree of Arts as well as the Advanced Certificate in Communication. In the completion of the Associate degree, students may choose to complete an emphasis in Communications.

Our courses also feature in the following Diploma Programs:

- Diploma in Communications, Culture, and Journalism Studies (CCJS)

- Diploma in Journalism Studies (being phased out & replaced by CCJS)

- Diploma in Media and Cultural Studies (being phased out & replaced by CCJS)

- Diploma in Writing and Publishing

These courses are fully transferable to universities throughout British Columbia. For full details of university transfer credit, please visit

Click for Calendar information on our courses, certificates, and diplomas.

These courses are:

CMNS 100: Introduction to Communications


CMNS 110: Introduction to Mass Communication

CMNS 120: Introduction to Journalism Studies

CMNS 130: Introduction to Digital Media

CMNS 160: Introduction to Film Studies

CMNS 200: Communications in the Everyday

CMNS 230: Communication and Culture

CMNS 235: Professional Writing and Communication

CMNS 240: The Culture of Television

CMNS 250: Cultural Industries in Canada

CMNS 260: Topics in Communications

CMNS 270: New Media

CMNS 280: Applied Communication

CMNS 290: Introduction to Video Game Studies

CMNS 295: Directed Studies in Communications

CMNS 300: Rhetoric and Persuasion 

CMNS 310: Visual Communication and Culture

CMNS 320: Creative Communication

CMNS 330: Public Relations

CMNS 340: Media in Action

CMNS: 390: Advanced Communication Issues

CMNS 495: Directed Studies in Communications

Professional Communications

We offer a number of practical Business and Technical Communications courses to students in Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Engineering Technologies, and Health and Social Development.

Students can complete a Concentration in Communications as they fulfill the requirements for the BBA or BCIS. For more information on the Concentration see the College Calendar.

These courses are:

CMNS 112: Professional Writing I

CMNS 113: Technical Communication for Information Technology

CMNS 122: Professional Writing II

CMNS: 123: Analysis and Reporting for Information Technology  

CMNS 132: Technical Communication I for Engineering Technology

CMNS 133: Technical Writing and Communications I

CMNS 142: Technical Communication II for Engineering Technology

CMNS 143: Technical Writing and Communication II

CMNS 144: Technical Writing and Communication for Mechanical Engineering