Why do men and women miscommunicate?

Why is the concept of ‘teenager’ not found in all cultures?

Why does our ability to speak put us at risk of choking to death?

Who ate the Guanche mummies of the Canary Islands?

Is it true that chimpanzees are genetically closer to humans than zebras are to horses?

The answers to these questions can be found in Anthropology courses at Okanagan College. Anthropology is the integrated study of humanity -- all aspects of humans in all places around the world and in all times, from the Arctic tundra to the equatorial jungles, from our earliest origins to contemporary peoples. Anthropology seeks to answer the question: what makes us human?

Such a big question directs research in the four subdisciplines of anthropology:

    * archaeology

    * biological anthropology

    * linguistic anthropology

    * cultural anthropology

The Anthropology Department at Okanagan College offers introductory courses in each of the four subdisciplines and further courses in each of these fields at the second-year level.