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The Importance of 2 nd and 3 rd Languages

The study of language offers a unique blend of personal, professional and academic rewards. It broadens cultural horizons and helps to develop critical thinking and communication skills. Language students may go on to pursue professions in language teaching or translation. They may opt for careers in government, international relations, law, communications, interpretation, translation, tourism or business. Proficiency in at least a second language is encouraged for entry into Education programs and required for admission to many Graduate Degree programs.


Modern Languages at OC

University Transfer courses leading to a Bachelor of Arts or Education

The Department of Modern Languages currently offers students the opportunity to study French, German Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin.

In introductory and intermediate level language courses, students acquire skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. The aim of these courses is both linguistic understanding and communicative competence. Students in language courses are also exposed to the literature, history and cultures of the countries where the languages are spoken.

At all levels of language study at Okanagan College, students participate in small group discussions and other activities designed to facilitate and enhance language learning and cultural awareness. Audio, video and computer materials as well as music, film and other authentic elements are incorporated into classes and learning activities.