Social Work


If you are passionate about issues like poverty and inequality, and want to play a hands-on role in effecting social change, then Social Work courses at Okanagan College are a great place to start. Enter a learning environment where the focus is on issues related to social justice, health, family, and children. Learn how social workers intervene effectively and facilitate positive change for oppressed and marginalized groups.

Social Work courses at Okanagan College offer the opportunity to examine the social policies and programs of concern to practicing social workers. They are a comprehensive introduction to the role social workers play in formulating policies and developing programs that address oppression and social injustice.

Our Courses

Check the Okanagan College Online Academic Calendar for complete and current course information. More courses are in development.

SOCW 200A: An Introduction to Social Work Practice

An introduction to the general practice of social work with emphasis in interdisciplinary approaches and the roles of consumer and self-help groups in the helping process. This course reviews the knowledge base and skills of social work practice, and assists students to evaluate their interests and capacities for entering the profession of social work. Also offered by Distance Education.

SOCW 200B: An Introduction to Social Welfare in Canada

An introduction to and analysis of major social policies and programs in Canada. Emphasis will be given to policies on income security, corrections, health, family and children, and housing, and will include an examination of the role of the social worker in formulating policy. Also offered by Distance Education.