Interdisciplinary Studies

Criminology, Indigenous Studies, Social Work, and Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies coalesce to promote academic and professional training in Criminality, the law, social justice, community sustenance, indigeneity, and gender roles and development. The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies offers students the opportunity to explore significant social issues through research and critical methodologies from several disciplines.

The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies is committed to social justice education. Our mission is to generate and transmit knowledge through multi and interdisciplinary study, innovative pedagogies, and community service. Students in our courses deepen their understanding and appreciation of the complexities of research and study, and learn to apply their education to their own experiences of social phenomena and problems.

Interdisciplinary Studies at Okanagan College

Our Programs

Criminal and Social Justice – Earn a diploma or take one of Okanagan College’s Criminology courses, where you will examine crime as both an individual and a social phenomenon. Courses focus on the causes and consequences of crime, on victimization, delinquency, and deviance, as well as on responses to crime in the criminal justice system. Engage with topics such as Canadian law and legal institutions, human rights, and the ethical issues confronting professionals in the criminal and associated justice systems.

Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies – Gender is an influential organizing feature in all human society. Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies (GSWS) addresses questions related to gender through an interdisciplinary perspective that includes Law, Political Science, Health, and Media. If you want to obtain a global understanding of race, class, gender, sexuality, feminism, and ethnicity, consider enrolling in some of Okanagan College’s wide variety of GSWS courses. 

Indigenous Studies – Indigenous Studies courses at OC have a focus on Indigenous oral histories, kinship, economics, community life, spiritual relationships, and ways of knowing. Students acquire a holistic understanding of Indigenous peoples, their perspective and politics, as well as their past and present. Discover concepts and social institutions applicable to traditional and contemporary life in indigenous communities, both globally and locally.

Social Work – If you are passionate about issues like poverty and inequality, and want to play a hands-on role in effecting social change, then Social Work courses at Okanagan College are a great place to start. Our learning environment focuses on issues related to social justice, health, family, and children. Learn how social workers intervene effectively and facilitate positive change for oppressed and marginalized groups. Social Work courses at Okanagan College are a comprehensive introduction to the role social workers play in formulating policies and developing programs that address oppression and social injustice.

Resistance and Revolution  This brand new emphasis offered through the Associate of Arts Degree exposes students to the variety of ways that people around the world have contested and continue to contest social, political, colonial and economic orders. This interdisciplinary program focuses not only on dramatic and large-scale social movements and revolution, but also on small-scale, grassroots efforts aimed at affecting change. Important topics will include the application of critical theories of race, class, gender, and sexuality as well as social movement theories and cultural critique.