AFP Publications

Marc Arellano (Communications)

Strange Fruit: A Changing Landscape in the Central Okanagan. 2010. DVD. Ke Na' De En. 2010. Film. Ke Na' De En. 2010. Film. Spinning Green. 2013. DVD. Communications Kelowna

Robert Bittner (Interdisciplinary Studies)


(In Press) “’You’re letting my child read what?!’ What adults often fear when their children read about gender and sexual diversity.” Freedom to Read. (2018)
“Reading Against the Grain: Re-Shaping the Meaning of Excellence in Children’s Literature Awards.” English Journal 107.2(2017): 81-4.
(and & M. Superle). “The Last Bastion of Aesthetics? Formalism and the Rhetoric of Excellence in Children’s Literary Awards.” Prizing Children's Literature: The Cultural Politics of Children's Book Awards. Eds. Kenneth Kidd & Joseph Thomas. (2017).
(with A. Matos). “Fear and the Other: Exploring the Ties Between Gender and Self-Censorship in the Classroom.” The ALAN Review 44.1 (2016): 98-104.
(with C. Stamper, and J. Ingrey). “Trans Children’s and YA Narratives: A Critical Review.” Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education 37.6. (2016): 948-964.
"(Im)Possibility and (In)Visibility: Arguing Against ‘Just Happens to Be’ in Young Adult Literature.” Queer Studies in Media and Popular Culture 1.2 (2016): 199-214.
The Trouble with Normal: Trans Youth and the Desire for Normalcy as Reflected in Young Adult Literature" ALAN Review (37,2) Winter 2010 

Norah Bowman (Interdisciplinary Studies/Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies and English)

"Shitless Family Love: Deleuzo-Guattarian Creative Affiliations in Eden Robinson's Blood Sports." Canadian Journal of Native Studies. 2009. "'To Become Beavers of Sorts': Eric Collier's Memoir of Creative Ecology at Meldrum Creek." In The Bioregional Imagination: Literature, Ecology, and Place. 2012. 

Hannah Calder (English)
Piranesi's Figures (New Star Books). 2016.
More House. 2009.
“Red Devil.” West Coast Line. 2010. 

Ruth Chambers (AACP)
Okanagan History Vignettes: Readings for Adult Literacy Students. 2001 (Co-author)

Corinna Chong (English)
"Thieves" Cosmonaut's Avenue 
Ryga: A Journal of Provocations
(Co-Editor, 2011-present)
“The Whole Animal” (Room 38.3, 2015)
“Porcelain Legs” (AlliterAsian: Twenty Years of Ricepaper Magazine, Arsenal Pulp Press, 2015)
“Porcelain Legs” (Ricepaper 18.4, 2014)
Belinda’s Rings: A Novel (NeWest Press, 2013)
“Communication As Commodification: Video Technology and the Gendered Gaze.” The Blackwell Handbook of Gender, Sexualities, and the Media. Co-Authored by Heather Molyneaux, and Hélène Fournier. (Wiley-Blackwell, 2011) 
“Old Wives” (Grain 38.3, 2011)
“Mismatched Spoons” (Echolocation 8, 2009; revised version re-published online 2014)
“Blu’s Barb (excerpt)” (NōD Magazine 8, 2008)

Chris Clarkson (History)
Domestic Reforms: Political Visions and Family Regulation in British Columbia, 1862-1940. 2007. 

Linda Coates (Psychology)
Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods Reader: A Canadian Orientation. 2006. (Co-editor). 

Bill Cohen (Interdisciplinary Studies/ Indigenous Studies)
Kwulasulwut II: More Stories from the Coast Salish. 1997. (Illustrator).
Stories and Images About What the Horse Has Done for Us : Mayx twixmntm tl q'sapi lats k'ulmstm i snklc 'askaxa. 1998 (Editor and Contributor).
“The Spider's Web: Creativity and Survival in Dynamic Balance." Canadian Journal of Native Education. 2001.

Ben Coleman (Psychology)

"Well-being's relation to Religiosity and Spirituality in Children and Adolescents in Zambia" (with Holder, M.D.,  Krupa, T. et al.) Journal of Happiness Studies (2016) 17: 1235.
"Friendship and Children's Happiness" (in press; 2015)
"The Contribution Of Temperament, Popularity, And Physical Appearance To Children's Happiness." Journal Of Happiness Studies. 2008. (Co-author).
“The Contribution of Social Relationships to Children’s Happiness.” Journal Of Happiness Studies. 2009. (Co-author).
"Spirituality, Religiousness, and Happiness in Children Aged 8-12 Years." Journal of Happiness Studies. 2010. (Co-author). “Temperament and Happiness in Children in India.” Journal Of Happiness Studies. 2012. (Co-author). 

Leora Dahl (Psychology)
"Investigating Investigators: Examining Witnesses' Influence on Investigators." Law and Human Behavior. 2006. (Co-author). "Investigating Investigators: How Presentation Order Influences Participant–Investigators’ Interpretations Of Eyewitness Identification And Alibi Evidence." Law And Human Behavior. 2009. (Co-author).
"“He Couldn't Have Done It, He Was With Me!”: The Impact Of Alibi Witness Age And Relationship." Applied Cognitive Psychology. 2012. (Co-author).
"Order And Strength Matter For Evaluation Of Alibi And Eyewitness Evidence." Applied Cognitive Psychology. 2014. (Co-author). 

Terence Day (Geography)

"Undergraduate teaching and learning in physical geography." Progress in Physical Geography, 36, (3), 305-332.
"The Concept of 'Heat' in Physical Geography.“ Geography. 2010. (Co-author).
"A Typology of Undergraduate Textbook Definitions of 'Heat' Across Science Disciplines." International Journal of Science Education. 2012. (Co-author). 

David Dendy (History)
A Fruitful Century: The British Columbia Fruit Growers Association, 1889-1989. 1990. (Co-author).
"The Worm in the Apple: Contesting the Codling Moth in British Columbia." In Beyond the City Limits: Rural History in British Columbia. 1999. History Kelowna

Jason Dewinetz (English)
"Breathe." In Who Lies Beautifully: The Kalamalka Anthology. 2002.
Moving to the Clear. 2002.
Alphabetum Romanum: The Letterforms of Felice Feliciano c. 1460, Verona. 2010. (Book designer).
Light & Char. 2010. (Book designer).
Clench. 2011.
Gericault's Severed Limbs Paintings: A Long Poem. 2011.
First Principles of Typography. 2011. (Book designer).
The Gift of a Good Knife. 2011.
Tin Roof. 2012. (Book designer)

Marlo Edwards (Communications)
"The Blonde with the Guns: Barb Wire and the 'Implausible' Female Action Hero." Journal Of Popular Film And Television. 2004. “Gender Theory and Criticism.” In Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism. 2005. 

Kerry Gilbert (English)
“Ahjooma (Korean Grandmother).” “May.” “Monsoon Season.” “Sleeping in South Korea.” In Who Lies Beautifully: The Kalamalka Anthology. 2002
Kerplnk: A Verse Novel of Development. 2005.

Gill Green (Geography)
“Title Wave: Land Tenure and Peacebuilding in Aceh.” In Land and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding. 2013.
Other publications by author may be found here

Francie Greenslade (English)
“On the Other Side of My Wall.” NeWest Review. 1989.
“Trapper.” NeWest Review. 1992.
“The Rough Guide to Motherhood.” Room of One’s Own. 1998.
Pilgrim in Ireland: A Quest for Home. 2002.
By the Secret Ladder: A Mother's Initiation. 2007.
Shelter: A Novel. 2011. 

Stephanie Griffiths (Psychology)
The Myth of the Born Criminal: Psychopathy, Neurobiology, and the Creation of the Modern Degenerate. [2015]. (Co-author)

Shona Harrison (English)
"Nurtur and good maners makeþ man”: the Burgeis in Late-Medieval Household Miscellany British Library MS Cotton Caligula A.ii, part 1. Thesis. University of British Columbia (Okanagan). 2014. 

Alix Hawley (English)

All True Not a Lie in It ​(Knopf Canada February 2015, Ecco USA August 2016)
The Old Familiar. 2008.
"Daniel Boone, By Himself." Walrus. 2013.
“Tentcity.” CBC Books. 2011.  
“Jumbo.” CBC Books. 2014. 

Markus Heinrichs (Geography)
“A Comparison of Chironomid Biostratigraphy from Lake Vuolep Njakajaure with Vegetation, Lake-level, and Climate Changes in Abisko National Park, Sweden.” Journal of Paleolimnology. 2006. (Co-author).
“Creeks are Like Bike Wheels, Always Moving in Circles!” In OC4 Cyclosportif Route Guide 2013. 2013. 

Howard Hisdal (History)

“An Okanagan Regiment takes the Centre of Vimy Ridge” paper presented at Vimy at 100: 28th Canadian Military History Colloquium at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, on 6 May 2017. 
"Canadian Generals and British Troops: Command Difficulties in 1944.” In Canadian Military History Since the 17th Century: Proceedings of the Canadian Military History Conference, Ottawa, 5-9 May 2000.
“B.C. Dragoons.” Okanagan Pioneers & Places. 2000. DVD. (Interviewee).
“Vernon Army Camp.” Okanagan Pioneers & Places. 2001. DVD. (Interviewee).
“The Dragoons (1908-1914). “ In Camp Vernon: A Century of Canadian Military History. 2003. “The Illusion of Control.” In Touch the Flame: Stories from the Okanagan Mountain Park Fire. 2004. 

Shelly Ikebuchi (Sociology)

“Carceral Ambivalence: Japanese Canadian ‘Internment’ and the Sugar Beet Programme During World War II.” Surveillance & Society. 2009.
“Marriage, Morals, and Men: Re/defining Victoria’s Chinese Rescue Home.” BC Studies. 2013. 
From Slave Girls to Salvation: Gender, Race, and Victoria's Chinese Rescue Home: 1886-1923 (UBC Press, 2015)

Jarkko Jalava (Interdisciplinary Studies/ Criminal & Social Justice)

The Myth of the Born Criminal: Psychopathy, Neurobiology, and the Creation of the Modern Degenerate. (University of Toronto Press, 2015). (Co-author).
"The Modern Degenerate: Nineteenth-century Degeneration Theory and Modern Psychopathy Research.” Theory & Psychology. 2006.
Science of Conscience: Metaphysics, Morality, and Rhetoric in Psychopathy Research. Thesis. Simon Fraser University. 2007. 

Sasha Johnston (English)
“The Idea(l) of White British Benevolence: ‘Breaking the Chains’ and the 2007 Bicentennial of Abolition.” Philament. 2009. English Kelowna

Sean Johnston (English)
A Day Does Not Go By. 2002.
Long Day Inside the Buildings. 2004.
Bull Island. 2004.
All This Town Remembers. 2006.
The Ditch was Lit Like This. 2011.
Listen All You Bullets. 2013.
“Leave Her Alone.” Fiddlehead. 2013.
We Don't Listen to Them. 2014. Ryga: A Journal of Provocations. (Co-editor). 

Matt Kavanagh (English)
“The Rise of English, eh?” English Studies in Canada. 2008.
“Of Failed Romance, Writer’s Malpractice, and Prose for the Nose: A Conversation with Chuck Palahniuk.” In Sacred and Immoral: On the Writings of Chuck Palahniuk. 2009.
“Paper Tiger: Irish Financial Fiction after the Bust.” The Millions. 2013.
“’Hope Unfulfilled, Not Yet Betrayed’: Michael Chabon's Nostalgia for the Future.” In Michael Chabon's America: Magical Words, Secret Worlds, and Sacred Spaces. 2014. 

Jake Kennedy (English)
“'But Who Is Any Longer Interested In the Possible?': Kathy Acker In Hell Failing Fuck You.
"Reconstruction. 2005. "Dust and the Avant-Garde." CLCweb. 2005.
"Gins, Arakawa and the Undying Community." Culture Machine. 2006. Hazard. 2006.
Boredom fighters. 2008. (Co-editor and contributor).
Studies. 2009.
Lateral. 2010.
Light & Char. 2010.
Apollinaire's Speech to the War Medic. 2011.
“Futuromania.” The Capilano Review. 2011.
Poets Galore. Special issue of Dandelion. 2012. (Co-editor).
Spirit, Experimental Poetry & 21st Century. Special issue of Open Letter. 2013. (Co-editor).
“Notes to Myself (15 Briefs).” In Why Poetry Sucks. 2014. 

Ayla Kilic (Political Science)
Maple Sands: Canada-Middle East Relations During the Chretien Era. 2007. (Co-editor and contributor).  

Jeremy Lanaway (English)
“The Weight of Snow.” In Who Lies Beautifully: The Kalamalka Anthology. 2002.
“Downturn.” Fiddlehead. 2013. 
Priscillia Lefebvre
(2012). "Empire in the Philippines: A war against the people". In J. Paulson, C. Fanelli, P. Lefebvre and G. Ozcan (Eds.), Capitalism & Confrontation: Critical Perspectives (pp. 121-138). Ottawa, ON: Red Quill Books.
(2012). "Canadian Health Care: Privatization and Gendered Labour [Interview with Pat Armstrong]". Alternate Routes Journal, 23, 223-230.
(2011). (Co-author) "The Ottawa museum workers’ strike: Precarious employment and the public sector squeeze". Alternate Routes Journal, 23, 121-146
(2010). "A State of Terror: The Death of Human Rights in the Philippines". The Bullet, 346.
(2010). "Post-Strike Musings: Assessing the Outcome of the Museum Workers’ Struggle". The Bullet, 317.
(2009). "Museum Workers at War: Precarious Employment and the Public Sector Squeeze." The Bullet, 278.

Xiaoping Li (Sociology)

"A Critical Examination of Chinese Language Media's Normative Goals and News Decisions," Global Media Journal - Canadian Edition, 8(2), 97-112. 2015.
“Transnational Activism: An Asian Canadian Case,” in Guida Man and Rina Cohen (eds.) Engendering Transnational Voices, Wilfrid Laurier University Press. 2015.
“Reforming Asian Canadian: The Theatrical Dimension of A Grassroots Activism” in Nina Lee Aquino and Ric Knowles (eds.) Asian Canadian Theatre. Toronto: Playwrights Canada Press. 2011.
Voices Rising: Asian Canadian Cultural Activism. 2007.  
“Charting the Roots/Routes of Communication Theory.” “Communication Across Cultures.” In Dao of Communication. 2009.

Leanne Mallory (Anthropology)
"Orthopyroxene, Augite, And Plagioclase Compositions In Dacite: Application To Bedrock Sourcing Of Lithic Artefacts In Southern British Columbia."Canadian Journal Of Earth Sciences. 2004. (Co-author).
"Whole-Rock Trace-Element Analyses Applied To The Regional Sourcing Of Ancient Basalt Vessels From Egypt And Jordan." Canadian Journal Of Earth Sciences. 2004. (Co-author).
"Applications Of Earth Science Techniques To Archaeological Problems — Introduction." Canadian Journal Of Earth Sciences. 2004. (Co-author).
"Trace Element Geochemistry Of Nova Scotia (Canada) Maple Syrup." Canadian Journal Of Earth Sciences. 2010. (Co-author). 

Ann Marie McKinnon (Interdisciplinary Studies/Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies)
"Repertoires of Racism: Reactions to Jamaicans In the Okanagan Valley." BC Studies. 2010. (Co-author). 

Craig McLuckie (English)
Nigerian Civil War Literature: Seeking an “Imagined Community“. 1990.
Critical Perspectives on Dennis Brutus. 1995. (Co-editor and contributor).
Researching McIlvanney: A Critical and Bibliographic Introduction.1999.
“The Raw and the Cooked: Arthur Kenneth Nortje, Canada, and a Comprehensive Bibliography.” English in Africa. 1999. (Co-author).
Ken Saro-Wiwa: Writer and Political Activist. 2000.
Who Lies Beautifully: The Kalamalka Anthology. 2002.
Arthur Nortje, Poet and South African: New Critical and Contextual Essays. 2004. (Co-editor and contributor).
“The Structural Coherence of Wole Soyinka’s ‘Death and The King’s Horseman.’” College Literature. 2004.
“Improvisations of Self and Place in John Lent's Aesthetic.” In The Prairies: Lost and Found. 2007. 

Kevin McPherson (English)
"Typortraits." Descant. 2006. “Mumble Girls.” In Boredom Fighters. 2008.
"Organ Donor: Transplanting My Eye/I Into Nichol's Selected Organs." Open Letter. 2008.
"That Which Is Called Nothing Is Found Only In Women's Magazines: My Reading Of Karen MacCormack's At Issue." Open Letter. 2008.
Game Show Reversed. 2010. "Leer Icky Males, Or, How Lisa Robertson's The Men Is Fucking Hilarious." Open Letter. 2010.
Rhapsodomancy. 2010. 
Easy peasy 2011.
Poets Galore. Special issue of Dandelion. 2012. (Co-editor).
Forge. 2013. Spirit, Experimental Poetry, & 21st Century.
Special issue of Open Letter. 2013. (Co-editor). “Unscramble” “Your Complete and Legal Canadian Immigration Kit” “How to Build a Bomb Shelter” “[from] Toddle” In Why Poetry Sucks. 2014. 

John Mitchell (Psychology)
Nature of Adolescence. 1986.
Natural Limitations of Youth: The Predispositions that Shape the Adolescent Character. 1998. 

Melissa Munn (Sociology and Interdisciplinary Studies/Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies)
“Epistemological Violence, Psychological Whips and Other Moments of Angst: Reflections on PhD Research. “ In Demarginalizing Voices: Commitment, Emotion, and Action in Qualitative Research. (UBC Press, 2015)
Correctional Workers: Managing Rehabilitation, Risk and Responsibility on the Front-lines. “ In Adult Corrections in Canada. 2013. 
On the Outside: From Lengthy Imprisonment to Lasting Freedom (with Christ Bruckert, UBC Press) 2013
"Beyond Conceptual Ambiguity: Exemplifying The 'Resistance Pyramid' Through The Reflections Of (Ex) Prisoners Agency." Qualitative Sociology Review. 2010. (Co-author).
“Embodying Criminology.” In Droits et Voix – Rights and Voices. 2010.
“Living in the Aftermath: the Impact of Lengthy Incarceration on Post-Carceral Success.” Howard Journal of Criminal Justice. 2011.
“Rejection & Reversals, Disclosure & Distancing: The Ex-Prisoner’s Experience.” In Stigma Revisited. 2009.
Falling Out of the Rabbit Hole: Former Long-term Prisoners's Negotiation of Release, Reentry and Resettlement. Thesis. 2009. University of Ottawa. 
Getting Out, Staying Out: Words of Wisdom from Successful Former Long-term Prisoners. 2009. (Co-author). 

Melanie Murray (English)

Should Auld Acquaintance: Discovering the Woman Behind Robert Burns
For Your Tomorrow: The Way of an Unlikely Soldier. 2011.

Wanda Radies (AACP)
Writing Your Life. 2005. (Editor).
The Power of Identity: The Pride and History of People with Intellectual Disabilities. 2014. 

Todd Redding (Geography and Earth and Environmental Science)
“Hydrologic models for forest management applications: Part 2: Incorporating the effects of climate change.” Streamline Watershed Management Bulletin. 2009. (Co-author).
“Hydrologic Processes and Watershed Response.” In Compendium of forest hydrology and geomorphology in British Columbia. 2010. (Co-author and co-editor).
“Detecting and predicting changes in watersheds.” In Compendium of forest hydrology and geomorphology in British Columbia. 2010. (Co-author and co-editor).
“Climate change effects on watershed processes in British Columbia.” In Compendium of forest hydrology and geomorphology in British Columbia. 2010. (Co-author and co- editor).
“Mechanisms and Pathways of Lateral Flow on Aspen-Forested, Luvisolic Soils, Western Boreal Plains.” Hydrological Processes. 2010. (Co-author).
“The Effects of Disturbance on Hydrologic Processes and Watershed Response.” In Compendium of Forest Hydrology and Geomorphology in British Columbia. 2010. (Co-author).
“Aspect and soil textural controls of snowmelt runoff on forested Boreal Plain hillslopes.” Hydrology Research. 2011. (Co-author).
“Cumulative effects assessment: Runoff generation in snowmelt-dominated montane and boreal plain catchments.” Streamline Watershed Management. 2012. (Co-author).
“Natural disturbance and post-disturbance management effects on watershed values.” BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management. 2012. (Co-author).
“A synthesis of the effects of natural disturbance and post- disturbance management on streamflow, stream temperature, suspended sediment, and aquatic invertebrate populations.” In Climate-induced changes to natural disturbance regimes and management responses in British Columbia: Impacts on natural and human systems. 2013. (Co-author).
“Introduction.” In Climate-induced changes to natural disturbance regimes and management responses in British Columbia: Impacts on natural and human systems. 2013. (Co-author). 

Tracey Riley (AACP)
2010. (Editor). Okanagan College International Cookbook: Recipes, Stories and Lessons from the ESL (English as a Second Language) Students, Staff, and Volunteer Tutors at Okanagan College. 2010. (Editor). 

Terry Scarborough (English)
“’I Shall Be My Own Police’: Literary Reflections of Victorian Crime and Social Surveillance in Dickens and Doyle.” Interdisciplinary Themes Journal. 2009.
“’If You Don’t Come to Me, I’ll Come to You’: Primal Injury and Revenge in the Ghost Stories of M.R. James.” In Best Served Cold: Studies in Revenge. 2010.
“'Open the window, then!': Filmic Interpretation of Gothic Conventions in Brian Mills's The Hound of the Baskervilles.” In Sherlock Holmes and Conan Doyle: Multi-media Afterlives. 2013. 

Roger Shiner (Philosophy)

"Law and Its Normativity, in A Companion to Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory, Second edition (ed D. Patterson), Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, UK. doi: 10.1002/9781444320114.ch28
"Theorizing Criminal Law Reform", Criminal Law and Philosophy 3 (2009) 167-186
"What Is A Crime?": A Theory of the Legislative Response’, Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 12 (2009) 63-84
“Citizens' Rights and Police Powers.” In Police Powers in Canada: The Evolution and Practice of Authority. 1994.
Freedom of Commercial Expression. 2003. 
New Essays in the History of Philosophy. 1975. 
Norm and Nature: The Movements of Legal Thought. 1992. 

Colin Snowsell (Communications)
“There Will Be Blood.” This Magazine. 2008.
“The Driver.” Prairie Fire. 2010.
Frollett Homestead: A Novella. 2010.
On Apples: An Essay. 2010.  
"What's Hotter: Hell House Or Global Warming? The Shifting Rhetoric Of The Evangelical Right. Rhetor. 2010.
“Fanatics, Apostles and NMEs.” In Morrissey: Fandom, Representations and Identities. 2011.
“Mann from Mars.” Event. 2013.  

Ardiss Stutters (ESL)

“Preadmission Testing by Post-secondary Educational Institutions in Canada.” TESL Canada Journal. 1985. (Co-author).
“Discourse Matrix: A Practical Tool for ESL Teachers.” TESL Canada Journal. 1990. (Co-author).
Suspicious Minds. 1990.  (Co-author).
Traditional Ties. 1991. (Co-author).
“On Opposite Sides of the Class? The Critical Curriculum as Lived Experience and Modernist Myths.” Ritsumeikan University Journal of Policy Science. 1998. “
The Female English Teacher Abroad: An Identity Constructed from The King and I.” Ritsumeikan Studies in Language and Culture. 1998.
"Kyoto Sun.” Contemporary Verse 2. 1999.
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“Race and Desire: Toward Critical Literacies in ESL.” TESL Canada Journal. 2003.
“Revisiting Pearl Harbor: Resistance to Reel and Real Events in an English Language Classroom.” Canadian Journal of Education. 2006. (Co-author) 
“Roya’s Racialization: Found Poetry from a Young Iranian Immigrant Woman.” Canadian Woman Studies. 2009.
Me Tarzan, You Jane: Desire and Identity in Popular Films with ESL. 2010.
“’I Had a Farm in Africa’: Colonial Women’s Identities in Films with ESL.” In How "The Teacher" is Presented in Literature, History, Religion, and the Arts: Cross-Cultural Analyses of a Stereotype. 2012. 

Tim Walters (English)

“’Nabokov ‘as Both String and Hole in the Postmodern Net of Flaubert’s Parrot.”. Q/W/E/R/T/Y: Arts, Litteratures & Civilisations du Monde Anglophone. 2001.
“Reconsidering The Idiots: Dogme95, Lars Von Trier, and the Cinema of Subversion.” Velvet Light Trap. 2004.
Early Voices. 2001. (Co-editor).
“Football’s ‘Dark Matter(s)’: Differing Registers of Violence at the FIFA Cup Finals.”
“What's the matter with English Football Fans? Watching the match with Slajov Zizek.” In Football and Communities Across Codes. 2013.
 “White Elephants and Dark Matters: Watching the World Cup with Slavoj Zizek.” In Zizek and Media Studies: A Reader. 2014. 

Rosalind Warner (Political Science)

“Posing Global Environmental Problems from Conservation to Sustainable Development.” In The International Political Economy of the Environment: Critical Perspectives. 2000.
Ethics and Security in Canadian Foreign Policy. 2001. (Editor and contributor). 
“Competitiveness versus Sustainability: Canada, Free Trade and the Global Environment.” Studies in Political Economy. 2002. “Canadian Environmental Diplomacy and the Organizing Principles of Globalization.” Canadian Foreign Policy. 2004.
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“Ecological Modernisation Theory: Towards a Radical Ecopolitics of Change.” Environmental Politics Journal. 2010.
“Resilience or Relief : Canada's Response to Global Disasters.” Canadian Foreign Policy. 2013. 
Unsettled Balance: Ethics, Security and Canada's International Relations (UBC Press, 2015) Editor and contributor.

James Wood (History)
We Move Only Forward: Canada, United States and the First Special Service Force, 1942-1944. 2007.
Militia Myths: Ideas of the Canadian Citizen Soldier, 1896-1921. 2010.
“A Sharp Tool Blunted: The First Special Service Force in the Breakout from Anzio.” In Canada in the Second World War: Essays in Honour of Terry Copp. 2012.
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“The Amateur Military Traditions of Victorian Canada.” In Citizen Soldiers and Empire: The Amateur Military Tradition in the British Empire, 1837-1902. 2012.
“The Good Neighbors and Their Undefended Fence: US–Canadian Cross-Border Military Excursions Before the First World War.” American Review of Canadian Studies. 2013.