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The department of Electronic Engineering Technology at Okanagan College is very pleased to invite you to take part in the annual Western Canada RoboCup Junior.

Your organization support will contribute to encouraging students of all ages to further their education in science , engineering and technology.

RoboCup is an educational event which targets elementary , middle and secondary school students. The event mission is to promote science and technology through a hands-on, fun and challenging activities. RoboCup is divided into three main challenges: the soccer challenge, the rescue challenge and the dance challenge.(please visit the games website for more details www.okanagan.bc.ca/robocup )

Western Canada RoboCup Junior is the regional representative of the International RoboCup Federation. Winners of this year's event will qualify to represent Canada in the annual World RoboCup games.

Corporate sponsors will be provided with a number of opportunities for logo placement. These will include logo representation on the RoboCup website, on the RoboCup t-shirts, posters, banner and flyers.
If you are interested in supporting this event, please contact Mr. Nadir Ould-Khessal, Electronic Engineering Department at 250-762-5445 ext. 4696 or by email at nkhessal@okanagan.bc.ca<mailto:nkhessal@okanagan.bc.ca>.

Please send us your logo and let us know your level of sponsorship before the event date.

Sponsorship levels:

Sponsorship up to $1000 :

* placement of your company logo on Western Canada RoboCup Junior website with company website link www.okanagan.bc.ca/robocupsponsors2

* placement of you company logo on Games banner

* placement of your company logo on Games posters

* placement of your company logo on t-shirts (over 120 will be printed for participants - given for students & teachers)

* placement of your company logo on certificates of participation, to all participants

Also extending to sponsors committing above $1000 :

* space for company banner & promotion at main game venue .

* order of appearance of sponsor logos on all printed & website promotions will be linked to amount of sponsorship

For committed sponsorship amounts above $5000 :

* company-named prizes including funding of robot kits to be awarded to winning teams (top team in each of 3 categories - dance, soccer & rescue) Estimated cost per robot kit $500

* the remaining money will allow us to partially support the team(s) (top team in each of 3 categories - dance, soccer & rescue) to represent Canada in the World RoboCup Junior Games. This would be announced in the Closing Ceremony of our games in the presence of the sponsor. All associated promotion & publicity for the overseas trip to the World Games, would include the sponsor.

Thank you again for your support

For more information on becoming a Western Canada RoboCup Junior sponsor,
please contact Nadir Ould-Khessal at: nkhessal@okanagan.bc.ca

Okanagan Robot Games: Lab Building –Okanagan College,
1000 KLO Road, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 4X8
Telephone: (250) 762-5445 ext 4696    Fax: (250) 862-5430
Email: nkhessal@okanagan.bc.ca
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  • Join us Feberuary 14th 2020  for the Annual Western Canada RoboCup Junior Games

    Okanagan College, Kelowna BC.