Rescue Challenge

• Use color sensors and other electronics to program your robot for search and rescue.

• Robots race against time to rescue victims from an

artificial disaster scenario.
rescue robot

The mission can be seen as a real-word disaster, such as an avalanche, where the rescue personnel in place need robotic assistance in dangerous areas.

The robot has to be fully autonomous and carry out the mission with no help. This means that it must handle rough terrain (speed bumps) without getting stuck and cross snowstorms (gap in the line) where you can't see the road you're trying to follow. The robot also has to have the ability to climb mountains (the ramp).

When the robot finally finds the victim (a soda can) they have to carefully transport it to a safe area

(evacuation point) where humans can take over.

2018 Rules

These are the official rules for Western Canada RoboCup Junior 2017

Rescue A Rules

Rescue Arena suggested building instructions.


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