Dance Challenge

Program and dress your robot(s) to dance to your favourite music.

dance robot

RoboCupJunior Onstage (former Dance) allows teams to create a 1 to 2 minute creative stage performance using autonomous robots that the teams have designed, built and programmed. Teams can choose to create either a Dance or a Theater performance.


'Dance' is a performance closely synchronized to the music. The robot(s) and humans are required to move in time to the beat or rhythm of the music selected in the same way that a human may listen to the beat of music and dance to it. The Dance assessment focuses on the choreography and movement of robot(s) and humans synchronization to music beats.


is a performance in which the robots tell a story or develop a theme supported by music. Theatre assessment is focused on the overall theatrical performance. The performance will be judged by how effectively the robot(s) are used to present a theatrical theme. Examples: Nursery rhymes, movie-­‐inspired performance, sporting theme, sustainability theme etc.


2018 Rules:


These are the official rules for Western Canada RoboCup Junior 2018.

Onstage rules

Onstage technical sheet

Onstage interview score sheet

Onstage performance score sheet


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