Dave Swityk  

Dave Swityk, 24
Co-op employer: Knight Piesold Consulting Ltd.

“Since being here I have been doing ground water sampling, well development, stream gauging and many other exciting things, including visiting a mine in northern BC to do some core logging. After the first day I was in charge of doing all of my own work. I was given an assistant to help me with my work as well. The ground water sampling practices I learned in school were nearly identical to the procedures the company practices."

Kent Bernadet,
age 23
Co-op employer: Teck

“I am positive I chose the right program because of how seamlessly it’s tied into my dream job in the environmental field.”

Kent Bernadet
Aileen Hagel

Aileen Hagel
, age 38
Employer: Western Water Resources Inc.

“WET was very useful, and the computer skills like AutoCAD and GIS were very useful as well. I love the field component of my job and I learn something with every project.”

Andrea Mackintosh
, age 22
Employer: GreenStep

“What WET did for me was really give me the hands-on skills, including lots of field work, that helped when I moved onto my university program.”

Andrea Mackintosh


Steven Barrett


Steven Barrett
, age 23
University Transfer student

“I liked the integration of applied sciences through the engineering classes the program includes. Cities everywhere you look are beginning to see how important this once seemingly unlimited resource is to modern life. Even during the recession there were no shortages of jobs in our industry.”

News and Events
  • Fall Semester begins September 5th, 2018.