Student Projects

Oscillating Air Motor

Oscillating Air Motor in Mechanical Engineering Technology Machine Shop at Okanagan College     Oscillating Air Motor v2.0 in Mechanical Engineering Technology at Okanagan College

Attention to detail and focus in machining is demonstrated in the best projects each year.

The Oscillating Air Motor is a major term project in Mech 139 first semester course, which introduces students to machining and fabrication.  The air motor consists of seven individual parts, including:  0.5" diameter brass piston with a 1" stroke;  3.5" diameter, 0.5" thick aluminum flywheel of 200 kg mass (0.44 lb).  The crankplate is made of brass, and mild steel is used for the base and cylinder (which houses the piston).  Components are made with three different milling machines and three different lathes, each set up for specific procedures.  An arbor press is used during assembly.  In order to operate smoothly and under minimum air pressures, tolerances of ± 0.005" (five thousands of an inch) are required between moving parts.

    Fastest air motors:  run over 800 rpm at 90 psi
    Lowest air pressure:  5 psi at about 70 rpm

Wankel Rotary Engine

CNC machining project of Wankel rotary engine    CNC project 2008 - Wankel rotary engine

A moving model of a Wankel Rotary Engine is the major term project in Mech 247 second year course.  It consists of an aluminum body, rotor, offset shaft, and plastic planetary gears (plastic machined using a 0.032" diameter cutter).  Students create parts and develop toolpaths using Mastercam.  The class then produces a working model of the Wankel engine on the Haas CNC Mini Mill.

Capstone Design Projects

In the final semester, second year students choose to work on a design problem - one from a variety of applications in mechanical engineering set each year for the Mech 240 Project course.

The first stage for the design team is to generate and develop a number of feasible concepts for the design problem.  The team then evaluates all concepts in an objective manner, and selects one concept with the best potential to meet project objectives and requirements.  Team members work in close collaboration to develop the design into a final proposal for the remainder of the term.

The following is a selection of Mech 240 capstone projects which students have designed and prototype built over the last few years.

     Design project presentations by students in Mechanical Engineering Technology

spidermechanism     Mechanical Spider

2013 - Mechanical Spider:  Rabidus Arachnid
Stratasys Extreme Redesign Competition 2014

NFAlogsplitters     logsplitter

2012 - Winch Cable Driven Log Splitter

Sno-Limo Pneumatic Lift System     Loading Sno-Limo prototype on Big White chair

2010 - SnoLimo Design Improvement Project
Making a Good Thing Better

Stamping machine prototype build by students in Mechanical Engineering Technology     Stamping machine crankarm for student design project in Mechanical Engineering Technology

2008 - Automatic Stamping Machine

Redesigned spaghetti bridge load machine in use at 2009 spaghetti bridge competition - successful load testing of record breaking pasta bridge     Performance testing of spaghetti bridge load machine prior to 2009 Spaghetti Bridge Competition

Mechanical engineers design-build the accurate delivery machine.  Civil engineers design-build the targets !!

2008 - Load Control System for Spaghetti Bridge Testing Machine

Automated Pneumatic Can Crusher Design Project in Mechanical Engineering Technology at Okanagan College      Pneumatic Can Crusher Prototype Build in Mechanical Engineering Technology at Okanagan College

2007 - Automated Pneumatic Can Crusher


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