Students in Mechanical Engineering Technology at Okanagan College

How do I apply for the Mechanical Engineering Program?

Applicants are encouraged to apply online at okanagan.bc.ca/admissions  Application forms may be obtained in person, or by mail, from any OC office, and should be submitted along with the application fee, well in advance of the desired entry date.

I completed the program entrance requirements some time ago.  Should I upgrade them before starting classes?

If you have been out of school for a number of years, we strongly recommend that you take Math 12 Pre-calculus as well as Physics 11 before entering first semester.  This eases the transition into studying and most importantly, refreshes your memory and abilities to do the math components in the courses.  Right away in the first week of our program you are expected to be able to handle the skills and problem solving learned in Math 12 Pre-calculus and Physics 11.

How much homework should I expect?

To begin with, there are 7 courses each semester and a total of about 30 hours of classroom time each week.  The average student should expect about 30 to 45 hours of homework each week in addition to the classroom time.

Do I need a computer at home?

It is recommended that you have access to a computer.  Computers are available at OC and most courses require some form of computer work.

How can I apply for a student loan?

You can apply online at StudentAidBC for student assistance (student loans and grants), to check the status of your application, or to request a paper application be mailed to you.  For more information and assistance, go to Financial Aid and Awards at Okanagan College or call the Financial Aid and Awards department at (250) 862-5419.

What is Cooperative Education?

Co-op Education is an option at OC and allows students to integrate academic studies with practical work experience. Co-op students alternate semesters of classroom study with paid employment within their field of study. Go to Student, Grad and Co-op Employment, or call the Co-op Education department at (250) 862-5412 for more information.

Can I get a Co-op job in the Okanagan Valley?

This varies from year to year depending on current economic conditions and the needs of industry.  In regards to the availability of co-op jobs, industry demand in Western Canada far exceeds the supply of skilled Mechanical Engineering students.  That is, there are more jobs available throughout Western Canada than there are Mechanical Engineering students to fill them.  If you are willing to move, there is much more choice in co-op work.

How much am I going to get paid during my Co-op work term?

On average about $16 to $18/hour depending on past work experience and location.  If you are willing to move for co-op work in B.C. or Alberta, you can obtain a higher wage rate.

How much am I going to get paid after I graduate from the Mechanical Engineering Technology program?

It can vary considerably depending on job responsibility level, previous work experience, work experience obtained during co-op, and job location (as well as luck!)  For more information, go to ASTTBC Compensation Survey or contact ASTTBC at (604) 585-2788.

Can I obtain a degree after completing this program?

Yes, you can and a few graduates from the program each year go on and complete a degree.  You can complete a bridging program (two to six months duration) and then start third year Mechanical Engineering at UVic, UBC or Lakehead University.  After about two years at UVic, UBC, or Lakehead, you should have an engineering degree.  You can also bridge to a Business Administration degree at Okanagan College.  Go to Mechanical Engineering Bridge Programs for more information.

Who do I contact for further information about Mechanical Engineering Technology?

Please contact Iain Cameron by email or (250) 762-5445, ext. 4357.

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