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Semester 1

Semester 1
Sept to Dec
Semester 2
Jan to Apr
Semester 3
Sep to Dec
Semester 4
Jan to Apr
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Course Name
Course Objectives
ELEN 110
Computer Fluency

This course is an introduction to computer skills. Topics include operating systems, electronic communication, websites, networking, document creation and editing, web programming, data analysis using spreadsheets/databases and collaboration tools and concepts (information representation, abstraction, algorithmic thinking, processing and summarization). Learners will develop life-long productivity and understanding of engineering tools for technologists. Skills, theory and techniques will be re-enforced through lab work. (3,3,0)

Not yet available
ELEN 126
Digital Electronics

This is an introductory course to digital electronics and circuits. Topics covered include digital concepts,number systems and codes, logic gates, latches, flip-flops, combinational and sequential logic analysis and applications. Learners will diagnose, specify, select, design, construct, and characterize digital circuits. Course learning outcomes are re-enforced by practical lab sessions. (3,3,0)

Not yet available
ELEN 130
Circuit Analysis I

In this course, learners examine the fundamentals of electricity and magnetism as well as the principles and techniques for analyzing resistive and reactive electrical circuits under DC excitation. Topics include series and parallel circuits, circuit analysis methods, resistors, capacitors, and inductors. Laboratory sessions provide for verification of theory through building and testing of circuits using standard components and instruments. (3,3,0)

Not yet available
PHYS 126 Physics for Electronic Engineering Tech

This course is an introduction to Newtonian mechanics, kinematics, conservation of energy, simple harmonic motion, electrostatics, magnetism, and electromagnetic radiation. Topics will be discussed with special reference to applications in the field of electronics. Laboratory experiments will be completed to expand on the topics covered in the course work. (3,3,0)

Not yet available
Technical Writing
  This course develops technical writing and speaking skills. Students will write a range of documents including summaries, memos, letters, employment applications, instructions, and technical manuals. They will learn to consider their audience and achieve their purpose. They will also learn to plan, draft, and edit efficiently. Students with credit for CMNS 132 cannot take this course for further credit. (3,0,0) Not yet available
MATH 137
Math for Electronic Engineering Technology I
  Topics include a review of intermediate algebra, functions, graphs, matrices, determinants, trigonometry, complex numbers, logarithms, and exponentials. Emphasis is on applications in electronics. (4,0,0) MATH 137
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