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Course Objectives
ELEN 115
Computer Components and Peripherals

This course is an introduction to the technologies and terminologies of PC computer and Operating Systems. Computer components and their interactions are examined as well as the configuration and management of a workstation operating system. Special emphasis is given to PC components, peripheral data storage, disk management, file systems, boot process, operating system configuration and basic scripting. (3,2.5,0)

ELEN 116
Programming and Interfacing

This course provides the basic skills and concepts required to write programs using a compiler on a PC. Software topics include arithmetic and logic operations, variable and constant data, functions, input and output (I/O), the preprocessor, arrays, structures, unions, pointers, file I/O, and some standard library functions. Students will be introduced to interfacing and control concepts. (2,2.5,0)

ELEN 116
ELEN 130
Circuits I
  Fundamentals of electricity and magnetism; principles and techniques involved in the analysis of simple resistive and reactive electrical circuits under DC and AC excitation. Laboratory sessions provide for verification of theory through building and testing of circuits using standard components and instruments. Proficiency in reporting of laboratory results is emphasized. (4,2.5,1) ELEN 130
ELEN 132
Fabrication I
  An introduction to practical drafting skills used in the electronics industry including sketching, lines, projection drawings and dimensioning. Practice in prototype development, packaging, sheet metal work and fastener selection. A brief introduction to the residential wiring code. Proper use of tools and safe working practices are emphasized. (2,2,0) ELEN 132
ELEN 136
Introduction to Electronics
  This course is an Introduction to Electronic Engineering Technology, the role of technologists, the tools they will use, and the types of systems they will work with. Topics covered include analyzing various electronic systems and circuits, AC and DC power, time and frequency domain, discrete and integrated devices. Lab projects provide experience in construction, testing and troubleshooting of basic circuits. (3,2.5,0) ELEN 136
MATH 137
Math for Electronic Engineering Technology I
  Topics include a review of intermediate algebra, functions, graphs, matrices, determinants, trigonometry, complex numbers, logarithms, and exponentials. Emphasis is on applications in electronics. (4,0,0) MATH 137
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