Semester 4 (Winter 2020)

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Course Name
Course Objectives
ELEN 265
Communications II

This course covers the theory and lab work associated with: transmission lines, antennas, electromagnetic wave propagation, rf circuit design and analysis, digital modulation, telephony, embedded wireless solutions, microwave and fiber optics. (4,2,0)

ELEN 226
Embedded Systems
  The course deals with microcontroller-based embedded systems and hardware/software co-design. Topics include interrupt based programming, DC motors, temperature sensors, external EEPROM, real-time clock, Inter Integrated Circuits (I2C), Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) and 1-Wire serial interfacing. The course will also include an introduction to digital signal processors. The course culminates in the design and implementation of a term microcontroller-based project. (2,2.5,0)  ELEN 226
ELEN 264
Analog and Digital Systems II
  This course focuses on the practical aspects and applications of analog and digital circuits and systems. Topics covered include PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programming, control of AC (Alternating Current) power, device limits, heat sinking, component selection, power supplies, motors. (3,2.5,0)
ELEN 227
Project and Report
  In this course students will be expected to manage an electronic design project from concept to completion and demonstrate a working prototype. Project management from a time and financial perspective will be stressed. A formal written report and an oral presentation to the class will be required. (2,2.5,0)
ELEN 263
Control Systems
  This course includes fundamental techniques and elements of closed-loop feed-back control of industrial processes and systems, and a study of servomechanisms and digital control.

CMNS 132
Technical Communication for Engineering Technology


This course develops technical writing and speaking skills. Students will write summaries, memos, letters, employment applications, instructions, and technical manuals. They will apply elements of style, awareness of audience and clarity of purpose to produce high quality work. They will learn to plan, draft, and edit efficiently. Students will also develop confidence and skills required for speaking in job-related situations.

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