Semester 3 (Fall 2019)

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Sept to Dec
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Course Name
Course Objectives
ELEN 215
Computer Systems II
  Topics covered include networking, web page design, data communications, and web based data acquisition and control. (2,3,0)  ELEN 215
ELEN 216
Microcontroller Technology
   This course deals with the architecture, programming, and interfacing of microcontrollers. Hardware topics include memory, input/output, counters/timers, serial communications and interrupts. Interface projects will be written in Assembly and C and include switches, LEDs, A to D converters, stepper motors, and liquid crystal display. (3,3,0)  
ELEN 254
Analog and Digital Systems I
  This course concentrates on the practical application of both analog and digital circuits studied in previous and concurrent courses. Systems studied include AM and FM transmitters and receivers, switch mode power supplies, microprocessors and their peripherals. Troubleshooting, repair, maintenance and calibration procedures are emphasized. (3,2.5,0)

ELEN 256
Analog and Digital Signal Processing


Advanced applications of operational amplifiers and special integrated circuits are covered with an emphasis on high performance analog signal processing leading to data acquisition and digital signal processing by computers. Major topics include the classes of negative feedback, nonideal operational amplifier properties, active filters, data acquisition principles, and digital signal processing. (3,2.5,0)

MATH 257
Math for Electronic Engineering Technology III


Topics include Taylor series, Fourier series, differential equations, and Laplace transforms. Applications to problems related to electricity and electronics will be emphasized. (3,0,0)

PHYS 125
Physics for Electronic Engineering Technology


An introduction to Newtonian mechanics, fluid dynamics, heat, waves, optics, acoustics and electromagnetic radiation. Topics will be discussed with special reference to application in the field of electronics. Laboratory experiments (three hours every second week) will be completed to expand on the topics covered in the course work. (4,1.5,0)

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