Facilities and Equipment

We have a significant amount of equipment within our main labs. This equipment includes:
  • Sieve shakers with sieves
  • Concrete testing equipment
  • Asphalt testing equipment
  • California Bearing Ratio machine
  • Compression testing machines
  • Sand equivalency machine and associated equipment
  • Density testing equipment
  • Hydraulics demonstration equipment to demonstrate water flows in pipes, over weirs, etc.
  • Total Station survey equipment
  • Level and theodolite survey equipment
  • Hydrometer water bath and associated equipment
  • Computers with various programs
Our equipment is the same equipment you will use in the industry and is current (typically more current then the equipment you will use in the industry!). 

The following are some photos of our equipment and student projects:

Subdivision development plans
Subdivision development plans

The sieve shaker
The sieve shaker

Specific Gravity Measurements
Hydrometer water bath

The drying oven!
The drying oven. Used to cook BIG turkeys!
Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall Day!!!!
News and Events
  • Fall Semester begins September 5th, 2018.