Ben Rawlinson          
 Civil Engineering Technology            
 Class of 2011                
 “It all went by in a flash. The education I received in the Civil Engineering Technology Program not only allowed me to instantly join the industry but also excelled me beyond current industry employees. 3 years out of the program, in my current role, I am responsible as a Designer and Project Coordinator to take projects from concept to close. I also have been recognized and included in creating best practice procedures, file storage and Civil 3D Manuals in Western Canada for a WSP, a multinational 30,000+ employee company.”

Michael Greenhough
Civil Engineering Technology
Class of 2008

“The Okanagan College Civil Engineering program has enabled me to combine my unique skill set in Project Management and Civil Engineering to adapt to a fun and challenging work environment. In my role as a project support specialist at Weterplay, I am responsible for providing technical support for "pre" and "post" splash pad installations to build optimum play environments for children of all ages.

At Waterplay, I am required to evaluate projects to ensure technical and practical objectives can, and are, met for each and every project from small to large. In my job, I specialize in 2D design work, product development and field instruction. We constantly go above and beyond with our project support team to bring dreams to a reality. Let's face it.....Who wouldn't be excited to come to work in this environment to make fun, unique spray parks for kids. At Waterplay, we not only work hard, but strive to play hard every day.

Thank you, Okanagan College, for providing the educational component to helping make this exciting opportunity available.”