Program Structure

The program is delivered as a combination of lectures and labs with field trip components where applicable. Assignments cover a variety of styles including task completions, quizzes, team projects and presentations. 

The structure of the program reflects the stages of the animation production pipeline with each stage of the pipeline defined by a course in the program. First semester courses offer an introduction to the elementary principles of each stage of production and subsequent semesters build on the principles, skills and techniques to achieve industry standard skill sets in each stage of production by program end.

The program utilizes applied learning principles by putting theory into practice through practical exercises. The curriculum is career focused, emphasizing industry scenarios and techniques.
An examination of animation history provides an overview of the development of animation techniques, styles and production methods in order to put current production practices into context. A focus is placed on developing character animation skills using current 2D and 3D software and tools. 

A demo reel production course in the final semester allows students to specialize in one area of production and produce a demo reel showcasing their expertise in that area.



YEAR 1 - Fall Term


YEAR 2 - Fall Term

Course Code

Course Title

Course Code

Course Title

ANIM 111

Life Drawing I

ANIM 211

Life Drawing III

ANIM 112

Animation Principles I

ANIM 212

Animation Principles III

ANIM 114

Layout and Design I

ANIM 214

Layout and Design III

ANIM 116

Character Design I

ANIM 216

Character Design III

ANIM 120

Animation History

ANIM 217

Storyboarding II

CMNS 113

Technical Communication


Year 1 - Winter Term


Year 2 - Winter Term

ANIM 121

Life Drawing II

ANIM 221

Life Drawing IV

ANIM 122

Animation Principles II

ANIM 222

Animation Principles IV

ANIM 124

Layout and Design II

ANIM 230

Demo Reel Production

ANIM 126

Character Design II

CMNS 123

Analysis and Reporting

ANIM 127

Storyboarding I