Engineering Techonolgies

Engineering Technologist

Have you ever wondered how a computer works? Do you like taking mechanical objects apart to see how they work? Are you interested in engineering? If you'd like a career that will keep your mind active, with job opportunities locally and around the world, a superior salary, employment stability, and a chance to make a real contribution to your community, you just might make a good engineering technologist.

Engineering Technologists work in a variety of careers in both public and private sectors including design, marketing, sales, estimating, research and development, production control, purchasing, operations and production, testing, quality management, maintenance, customer and field service, project management, instruction and teaching. They are well-respected and valued members of society who improve the quality of life for all who live in our communities through public works and utilities, roads, railways and bridges, aeronautics, electronics, irrigation, sewage and water management, hydraulics, communications, etc.


The world-wide demand for skilled and well-trained engineering technologists is growing rapidly. Job opportunities abound, with the majority of grads obtaining employment immediately following the completion of their courses. This well-paid, secure employment affords most people in this field a comfortable lifestyle with time to pursue leisure activities.
News and Events
  • Fall Semester begins September 4th, 2019.