Student Support

Education Advisors

Education Advisors are available to assist international students plan their academic program, choose courses to meet their educational goals, register for ESL and academic courses and learn about course requirements for transferring to other universities.

Learning Centre two Students


The Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is open to all students and provides additional opportunities to achieve academic success. Students can find learning assistance, one-to-one or small group tutoring, and help with study and learning strategies. Assistance is provided for ESL, General Business, Accounting, English, Math, etc. The Centre’s goal is to assist students to become effective, independent learners.

The Learning Centre also offers Online Study Resources for English, Study Skills, Mathematics, and Science.

Personal, Academic & Career Counseling

Personal, emotional and academic challenges are a normal part of student life. Professionally trained staff are available to assist students with problem areas in their life that interfere with maximizing their academic and social potential. One of the most helpful ways of dealing with problematic situations and feelings is to talk them through with an experienced counselor.

Cultural Liaisons

Cultural Liaison are there to assist with all aspects of studying in Canada. Our Cultural Liaisons are native speakers of many different languages.

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