OC Medical Insurances

Description of Okanagan College Medical Insurance & Coverage

Guard.me medical Insurance

guardme card 

  • All new international students
  • Returning students who do not have MSP
  • Short term students and those without a study permit of at least 6 months
  •  Automatically enrolled for the first semester
  • All returning students with no MSP are automatically enrolled for the semester until MSP is confirmed.
  • $250 per semester applied to student fees
other approved medical coverage (MSP)
  • Deadline: Last day of the first month of each semester
  • Done online at www.guard.me/oc
  • You will need proof of MSP
    •  Front of MSP card plus:
    • The letter that shows your MSP coverage start date
    • A recent MSP invoice showing your coverage prior to the semester starts
  • Submit the proof before the current semester coverage ends to not be re-enrolled for next semester.
  • No cancellation after the deadline
  • For more information, please go to www.okanagan.bc.ca/intedmed
How to obtain a card
  • Your guard.me ID card will be sent to MyOkanagan email.
  • Also, you can download it at www.guard.me/oc or iCent app
Early Arrival
  • You can purchase early arrival insurance to cover you up to 6 weeks prior to semester start, got to www.guard.me/oc
  • $ 2 per day; purchased online with credit card
  • You can purchase your dependents' coverages in association with your coverage at www.guard.me/oc
How to make a claim
  • Submit claims online: www.guard.me/oc
  • Upload photos of receipts and medical records, study permit and a direct deposit form.

Extended Health and Dental Plan

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  • All full time academic students
  • All full time academic students are automatically enrolled each semester.
  • Approximately $125 per semester applied to student fees
  • Online opt-out is available if you are covered by an equivalent plan (such as by your employer).
How to obtain a card
  • Visit the Student Union office at your campus or online.
Early Arrival
  • N/A
  • Contact the Student Union.
How to make a claim
Black Out period
  • While Student Union waits for Okanagan College to confirm your enrolment, your claims processing will be delayed. This delay can take up to two months. Any health or dental costs that are incurred during the blackout period will not be eligible for the direct billing option and members are advised to save all receipts for covered costs. After the end of the black out period you will be able to submit a claim.