BC Medical Services Plan (MSP)

MSP (Medical Services Plan) is a BC public health insurance. It is administrated by the BC government. It covers the cost of medically-necessary insured doctor services. Under the governments Medicare Protection Act, MSP is mandatory for all eligible residents and their dependents.

msp card

  • Students who are studying longer than 6 months and have a valid study permit
  • Eligible after a 3 month waiting period
  • Apply for MSP soon after Arrival
  • 21 business days for processing
  • Application assistance at orientation or OCIE or web guide
  • How to apply MSP
  • $75 per month billed by BC government (Starting January 2020)
  • No opt-out, mandatory for Residents in BC staying 6 months or longer
  • Students who are planning to leave BC for more than 6 months, must contact MSP to confirm continued eligibility otherwise they may suspend your MSP temporarily 
How to obtain a card
  • You will receive it by mail after 1 month.
  • Make sure you update your current address with MSP.
Early Arrival
  • N/A
  • You may add dependents when you apply.
  • You will need photos of your dependents' study permit or work permit.
How to make a claim
  • No need to make a claim.
  • Direct billing to health care provider


Eligibility and Enrolment


Managing your MSP Account

MSP Contacts:
Health Insurance BC
1 800-663-7100

Invoices or Payments
Revenue Services of British Columbia
1 877-405-4909 (toll-free)