Safety Tips & Emergency Contact

Security Services

Security can provide general information, direction or “safe walk” to your car or to any point on campus on request at any time at your campus. EMERGENCY contact for Security from any campus can be made by dialing “6699” from any Okanagan College phone or from any “CAMPUS PHONE” conspicuously placed at each campus.

Security can also be contacted at the following numbers:

We suggest you program this number into your cell phone for emergencies 24/7.

  • Kelowna Campus: 250-317-2435
  • Penticton Campus: 250-486-3879
  • Vernon Campus: 250-307-4574
  • Salmon Arm Campus: 250-317-2435

Safety Tips

Generally, Okanagan region is regarded as a safe city but you still need to be aware and responsible for your own behaviour.

  • When studying on campus late at night, you can request Security staff to walk you to the bus stop or to Residence. Pick up one of the blue phones and call Security. Walk only on well-lit busy streets. If in doubt, take a taxi or bring a friend.

  • Please report any suspicious or criminal activity immediately to security by phone or in person.

  • Never hitch-hike.

  • Never drink alcohol and drive.

  • Take precaution when swimming and play only in the shallow water close to shore. If you are a non-swimmer never, swim without a life jacket.

  • Remember that 911 is B.C.’s emergency phone number. The on-campus emergency number is local 6699.

  • Insure your personal belongings, especially expensive items, such as lap-top computers. Otherwise, you will not get compensation for any loss in case of a break-in or fire/flood, etc. Insurance cost is about $250/year. Coverage is up to $35,000 whether the loss occurs on campus, or wherever you are living (make sure the insurer has your current address at all times.)

  • If you suspect that you are being followed, go to the nearest lit house or business and knock loudly.

  • Remember that it is a criminal offence to sell or possess illegal drugs.

  • Never leave your drink unattended in bars and clubs.

  • If somebody wants your money and is threatening to attack you, give it to them and report the incident to 911. Be ready to describe your attacker and give your location.

  • Do not fight with an attacker and do not carry any weapons.

  • Report any suspicious incidents to the Security or International education Office.

  • Never go home with a stranger. If you want to see him/her again, get the phone number and arrange a meeting place that you know, or where you will be safe.

  • Do not continue a relationship with anybody if you are uncomfortable. Report any harassment to the International Education Office, or the police.

  • Plan to take a self-defense course or, at least, read up on the subject and make a personal self-defense plan.

  • Consider carrying with you a personal alarm or a whistle. These can be bought at any electronic store. (In Orchard Park shopping Mall, check at The Source).

  • Be sure to lock your door if you are home alone. Do not open your door to someone whom you do not know.

  • Do not tell anyone your bank card number. If the card is lost, report the loss to your bank immediately.

  • Do not carry your passport or large amounts of money with you.