Inviting Relatives to Visit

Suggested supporting documents
  • Copy of your study permit
    • Your document(s) should be valid for the length of your family members’ stay in Canada. If you recently completed your program requirements but do not have a post-graduation work permit, you may send a copy of your study permit and an official Letter of Program Completion (from Okanagan College) noting the date of your expected convocation ceremony date. If you have applied for a post-graduation work permit online but do not have it yet, send a copy of the Letter of Submission Confirmation that IRCC sends when they receive the application.
  • Copy of your valid passport
  • A recently-dated Letter of Invitation written by you (see template below)

Write the letter of invitation yourself. See this site for tips. Some visa offices may require that your letter be notarized by a Notary Public. Check with the specific Canadian Visa office. To find a Notary, visit the BC Notaries website

  • Copy of your marriage certificate if applicable (e.g. if you're inviting your spouse)
  • Additional information about your status in Canada
  • An official Confirmation of Enrolment Letter from Okanagan College, OR if you have completed your study program, your official Letter of Program Completion from Okanagan College
  • Official Academic Transcript from Okanagan College
  • Copy of your rental/lease agreement, if your friends/family shall be residing with you in Canada
  • Proof of your available funds (only if you are paying for their visit)

In addition, your friends/family must provide proof of economic and social ties to their home country. The stronger the ties, the higher the chance of successfully proving they will leave Canada after their visit.

Examples of economic ties include bank statements, proof of financial investments, a letter of employment, and/or proof of property ownership, etc.

 Examples of social ties include evidence that family members back home depend on them for financial/other support, proof that they must return home after their visit to Canada in order to meet their social obligations to their family members or community, et

Instructions for a Letter of Invitation
If you would like friends or family to visit you while you are studying at Okanagan College, you must send them a letter of invitation. Okanagan College does not provide letters of invitation. You must write it yourself.

A letter of invitation does not guarantee that a visa will be issued to your friend or family member. Visa Officers will assess each applicant to determine whether they meet the requirements of Canada’s immigration laws. Some visa offices may require that your letter be notarized by a Notary Public.

Here you will find information that will help you write a proper letter of invitation. For complete instructions, visit the IRCC’s site.

Your letter of invitation must include all of the following information for the person being invited:
  • Complete name.
  • Date of birth.
  • The person’s address and telephone number.
  • Your relationship to the person being invited.
  • The purpose of the trip.
  • How long the person you are inviting intends to stay in Canada.
  • Details about their accommodation and living expenses.
  • The date the person you are inviting intends to leave Canada.

You must also include the following information about yourself:

  • Complete name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Address and telephone number in Canada.
  • Occupation/activity.
  • Your status in Canada (e.g. student, worker, Canadian citizen, permanent resident).*

Sample Letter of Invitation
The Canadian Embassy, Immigration Section
Nueva Tajamar 481 – Piso 12, Torre Norte
P.O. Box 139-10
Edificio World Trade Center
Santiago, Chile.December 12, 2013

Dear Visa Officer:

Re: Letter of invitation for my parents (Arturo and Gabriela)

I am writing this letter to support the visitor visa application of my parents. 

My father, Arturo Reyes, (born March 16, 1951) lives at Avenida Diego Bravo 12345, Departamento 222, Las Condes, Santiago, Region Metropolitana. My mother, Gabriela Reyes, (born July 2, 1953) lives with him. Their home phone number is 123-456-7890.

They would like to visit me in Canada, as they haven't seen me in two years. They intend to stay with me at my home for two weeks, from March 1 to 14, 2014. They have a flight booked to leave Canada on March 15, 2014. Housing and food costs during their stay will be covered by me; they will cover all other costs for their trip.

I am currently an international student, studying at Okanagan College. A copy of my passport and study permit is attached. My date of birth is August 19, 1993. I live at 1234 Harwood Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 1X4. My phone number is 250-000-0000 and my email address is

 Thank you in advance for the consideration of my parents' application.

Yours truly,
Marcos Reyes

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