Surveys of Student Outcomes

For over 25 years, BC Student Outcomes has collected and communicated quality information from former British Columbia post-secondary students through several annual surveys. The survey results describe former students’ satisfaction with their programs as well as their education and labour force outcomes. BC Student Outcomes is a collaborative enterprise across all public post-secondary institutions (PSIs), the Ministry responsible for Advanced Education, BC Stats, and other agencies.

BC Stats manages the project and handles the data collection through a contracted provider. Data are collected for most programs in spring through an online or telephone survey and results are released in fall. The baccalaureate survey is conducted in fall with results available in spring.

The purpose of BC Student Outcomes is to collect and disseminate information from former students about their post-secondary education and their labour market and educational transitions. The findings serve to:

  • ensure sound and reliable data for development of post-secondary education and labour market policy

  • provide timely and relevant information for program evaluation and educational planning

  • ensure that information is available to help prospective students make informed decisions about education and training

  • contribute to the accountability and success of the B.C. post-secondary education system

  • contribute to a comprehensive understanding of post-secondary education in B.C.

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