Mexico City
Mexico is the fifth-largest country in the Americas by total area and the most populous Hispanophone country. Soak up the warm sun on the numerous beaches, while experiencing the many historical sites where architectural beauty is preserved. It is the ideal place to experience the unparalleled natural beauty of the outdoors.

Climate: Tropical
Population: 112,322,757
Main Language(s): Spanish
Currency: Mexican New Peso
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Universidad Internacional, Cuernavaca

Spanish Immersion for a one-month period (or more)

The Spanish Language School at Universidad Internacional is located in a gorgeous residential setting of Cuernavaca, Mexico. Our Intensive Spanish programs are designed to help you learn Spanish or develop your Spanish language skills further. To study Spanish in Mexico is to immerse yourself in a language and culture where you will Learn, Live and Love the Spanish Language.

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The city was nicknamed the "City of Eternal Spring" by Alexander von Humboldt in the nineteenth century. It has long been a favorite escape for residents of Mexico City and foreign visitors because of its warm, stable climate and abundant vegetation. Aztec emperors had summer residences there, and even today, many famous people as well as Mexico City residents maintain homes there. Cuernavaca is also host to a large foreign resident population, including large numbers of students who come to study the Spanish language.


Escuela Bancaria y Comercial, Mexico City

EBC is the first Mexican private school of business created in Mexico. It is a secular and inclusive institution committed to shaping professional entrepreneurs within the corporate world throughout strong ethics and principles, and scientific and technological capabilities by fostering a global outlook while improving and dynamically participating in the social and economic changes of their communities.

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